These Are The Way Too Normal 9-5 Jobs That Country Stars Had Before Fame

Some people have fame thrust upon them while others have to struggle for their success. No matter the case, almost every country music star has had a side job in order to fund their part-time music career.

The country stars in this article worked some awful jobs like cleaning toilets in order to afford writing workshops. At least two of the artists in this article actually quit their crummy jobs because their conscience couldn’t handle it any longer.

Eric Church Was A Home Shopping Call Attendant

Andrew Chin/Getty Images
Andrew Chin/Getty Images

It turns out that country music stars don’t actually make the best salesmen. There’s no better example of that than Eric Church, who told People magazine that he would actively talk people out of a sale as a Home Shopping Channel call attendant.

He worked the graveyard shift and said most of his callers were drunk anyway. Church claims that he was actually just doing them a favor and saving them from making impulse purchases of 200 knives.