Then and Now – Whatever Happened to the Stars of Teen Mom

Teen Mom is a reality television series program produced by MTV that focuses on what else, teen moms. The show originally started out as 16 and Pregnant and has since become Teen Mom OG. This reality television series follows teen girls in their first year of motherhood and the ups and downs of life such as family conflicts and teen relationships. Many of you may wonder what has become of these teenage girls since their appearance on Teen Mom. Well, the girls are now young women and they are all grown up now, so let’s take a look at the girls from their past and the women that they have become today.

Jenelle Evans – Then

First off, the self-professed party girl, Jenelle Evans. She was so much of a party girl, that she partied her way into the life of a teenage boy by the name of Andrew Lewis and they did a little too much partying and ended up with a baby. Of course, Jenelle did not want to have this baby at first because her party career and life as a teenager came to a halt.


She told her mother Barbara that she did not have an interest in being a mother. She and her mother Barbara’s relationship was strained because of Jenelle’s confession.