Then And Now: The Cast Of Crocodile Dundee

The film Crocodile Dundee first hit theaters in 1986. It’s been over thirty years since the film premiered, and people are still obsessed with it. When the movie first came out, producers weren’t sure if they had a massive hit on their hands or if they had just released the biggest flop of the century. Paul Hogan completely stole the screen as the title character, but the film’s budget was pretty low and the rest of the cast didn’t have very many credits to their names at the time.

Of course, the film came out and it was a huge success. A lot of those unknown extras are pretty famous actors now. Keep reading to find out which Crocodile Dundee cast members went on to become huge stars.

Mark Blum As Richard Mason

Photo Credit: Wikimedia
Photo Credit: Wikimedia

The actor Mark Blum played Richard Mason, who was Sue’s boyfriend at the beginning of the film. Even though Richard and Sue were dating, they also had a professional relationship. Sue was a writer and Richard was her editor.

Sue was writing a story on the one and only Crocodile Dundee. Richard was an excellent three-dimensional bad guy. He had means, he had a motive, and he was self-interested to a fault.