The Worst Things About Living In San Diego

On the outside looking in, San Diegans are enviable people. We live in constant sunshine with access to beautiful beaches and arguably, some of the best Mexican food in Southern California (depending on who you ask). Don’t get us wrong, we know we are incredibly blessed to be living in America’s Finest City, but living in San Diego sometimes isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and here are some reasons why.

There Are Too Many People

More and more people are moving to this fine city, which is okay, but to be honest it’s kind of getting crowded down here! A lot of people come here for various reasons―college, military assignment, what have you―but then those people just end up staying here. One of the biggest complaints, especially among native San Diegans, is the increasingly annoying amount of transplants in this city. Nowadays, it’s becoming rare to meet someone who was actually born and raised in San Diego.


Out of this problem stems a whole slew of other things wrong with San Diego. Click on to see how the increasing population is causing San Diego more issues.