The (Supposedly) Real-Life Vampires That Have Appeared Throughout History

From decades ago to recent history, vampires have walked among us, or so the legends say. Check out these creepy stories of real-life vampires.

Peter Plogojowitz

Peter Plogojowitz (also spelled Petar Blagojevich) was a Serbian man in 1725 who died and was thought to have become a vampire after his death. The story goes on to say that he killed nine of his villagers after he became a vampire.

1 Peter Plogojowitz.jpg

His story is one of the earliest documented cases of vampire hysteria. Peter lived in a small village called Kisilova. Peter originally died from a sickness and nine people proclaimed Peter came to visit them on their death bed. While they were dying, Peter’s “victims” claimed that he throttled them at night, which ultimately led to their death.