The Racism Disney Doesn’t Want You To Remember

Disney movies are supposed to be pure and innocent, but these moments prove that the company has a racist past. Check out these racist Disney moments producers want you to forget.

Song of The South

Song of The South is so racist that even Disney has banned the movie from being replicated or sold due to its intense racial undertones. The character of Uncle Remus is a former African American slave who tells two white children folk stories. Uncle Remus tells these stories to the two children of his former masters while still living on the plantation he was enslaved on. WHOA!


The story also includes the song “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah,” which features racial stereotypes, such as whistling, skipping, and over-the-top blatant racism. The movie also details why “white trash” children should not be respected. This movie is better off being destroyed and we can understand why Disney would want to forget about it.