The Most Wonderful Photobombs That Deserve To Be Framed

Have you ever wanted to take a picture with somebody but a stranger comes out of nowhere and ruins the photo? I’ve fallen victim to photobombs on so many occasions with my friends that I’ve lost count. Photobombs come in all shapes and sizes. Some are creative, others accidental, and some are completely stupid to the point where you have to just laugh it off.

The photobombs we unearthed make us question if these people consider photobombing a hobby? It doesn’t matter if they’re humans or animals, it’s the fact that ANY species can master the talent of photobombing, and these ones deserve to be in a picture book. You’ll be surprised how many former Presidents have jumped into the background!

Ryan, Is That You In The Background!?

Yep. That’s Ryan Seacrest photobombing his pal, BBC host Gary Lineker. Seacrest looks quite disturbing hovering around in the background but it’s also awkward and hilarious at the same time. Apparently, the American Top 40 Hostwas too occupied with juggling all the jobs he has going on and for once didn’t ham it up for the camera. This is definitely a side of Seacrest we never saw on American Idol.

Look at that epic fail from Lineker. He clearly didn’t notice Seacrest in the background, which makes this the perfect example of a photobomb. Seacrest should be rewarded with a gold medal for his creepy efforts.