The Most Ridiculous Divorce Laws & Stories Ever

Nobody goes into a marriage wanting a divorce, but sometimes things happen. Sometimes really strange things happen, like accidentally divorcing your wife in her sleeping or getting into a marriage ruining argument over a ham sandwich. These divorce laws make it totally possible for you ridiculous things to go down when it comes to breaking it off.

You Can Get Divorced If Your Husband Hates Frozen

frozen cast.jpg

Irreconcilable differences are certainly grounds for a perfectly valid divorce, even if those “differences” may be your taste in movies. Yup, it’s totally legal to divorce someone because they don’t share the same love for your favorite animated film.

The Huffington Post reports thatone couple’s divorce was sparked when the husband just didn’t think Frozen was all that great. According to the husband, the wife said, “If you can’t understand what makes this movie great, there’s something wrong with you.” So, she decided to let their marriage go. Let it go, girl! Let it go. She moved out and refused to communicate with him unless it was through the family.