The Most Important Moments From This Season Of The Bachelorette, As Told By Twitter

Okay real quick, who is Hannah B? Hannah Brown is the star of season 15 of The Bachelorette, which is currently airing. Hannah was left heartbroken after she was sent home right before hometown dates of Colton’s season, but somehow she’s managed to recover.

When she was announced as the Bachelorette, the reactions we mixed, to say the least, with many saying they wouldn’t watch the season with her as the lead. Now that her season is airing though, Twitter has been blowing up every Monday night. We’ve gathered some of the best tweets from each episode so far.

Even Hannah couldn’t resist making a joke about this one contestant after he showed up unannounced to a group date.

But First: The Bachelor Franchise Patriarch

Chris Harrison w Hannah Brown from instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram / @chrisbharrison

You can’t have The Bachelor without Chris Harrison — the built-in therapist, friend, and father-figure of the Bachelor franchise. He’s been through it all; Bachelor Pad, Bachelor in Paradise, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, AND The Bachelor Winter Games.

Harrison admitted in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that “Whoever was skeptical after the After the Final Rose special and was scared: I was in that boat” when talking about the decision to cast Hannah as the lead. “But thankfully, after night one — actually, about an hour into filming that first night — I realized: this was the woman. This was Hannah.”

Week One Begins

@dscapp thomas mess
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As usual, night one was filled with a series of limo entrances that made all of Bachelor Nation cringe. Luke P. roaring on top of the limo was the pinnacle of awkwardness, Grant introduced himself while stuffing a hot dog in his mouth, and The Box King of Chicago made me want to return to sender.

Some less-cringey but still memorable entrances were Connor S. jumping a fence, Matt Donald driving in on a tractor, and Peter the Pilot giving Hannah a pair of wings (RIP to Chasen, the other pilot.)

A Father of 114 Children

tweet about sperm donor contestant
Photo Credit: Twitter / @HellandBach

Matteo’s big claim to fame is that he is the contestant that supposedly has fathered 114 children through sperm donation. He wrote about this in his bio that was released before the premiere, and yet this hasn’t been addressed in any episode so far.

Matteo has had virtually no screen time, which likely means he’s going home soon. Or has he already left? He’s supposedly still in the game but I don’t think he’s spoken to Hannah since his limo entrance.

Not Here For The Right Reasons

Bachelorette tweet first week Scott kicked off
Photo Credit: Twitter / @SuperVOGirl

The classic trope of “he’s not here for the right reasons” played out very quickly on this season when the producers brought in former contestants Demi Burnett and Katie Morton to scope out a contestant who supposedly had a girlfriend back home.

Katie and Demi pull Hannah aside to tell her which contestant it is, and she sits down to talk to him about it. Scott admits, after some back peddling, that he was dating someone up until the day before he came on the show, and Hannah immediately sends him home. Go Hannah!

Redemption For Matt Donald

redemption for matt donald the bachelorette tweet
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Matt Donald is quickly becoming the Grocery Store Joe of the season after he was sent home on night one of Hannah’s season. Every week tweets have surfaced comparing Matt to contestants like Luke P. or Cam, raising Donald on a pedestal far above anyone else.

The upcoming clip of Hannah talking to an unknown contestant saying “I have had sex, and Jesus still loves me” seems to be the fence jump of this season, with the promo being played repeatedly. This particular Twitter user points out Matt Donald would’ve never shamed Hannah like that.

Mr. Right Has No Talent

when u dont have a talent so you say u love her
Photo Credit: Twitter / @bailey_bishop5

We start week two off with a group date where 8 men are participating in the ‘Mr. Right’ pageant, because heaven forbid we forget that Hannah is a former pageant queen.

For the talent portion of the competition, Jed performed an original song, and Luke P. was tasked with following that act. He must’ve realized he couldn’t top that, so instead of performing whatever mediocre talent he had planned, Luke simply took the opportunity to profess his love for Hannah, much to everyone’s surprise.

Does Luke Own A Bookstore?

joe goldberg luke p bachelorette tweet
Photo Credit: Twitter / @molly_keane

The comparison between Luke P. and Joe Goldberg from Netflix’s You was quick to pop up on Twitter after Luke’s declaration of love in the Mr. Right pageant.

Luke probably wins the title for the fastest ‘I’m falling in love with you’ in franchise history, after just one week and less than 12 hours total spent with Hannah. Then again this is the man who said he was in love with her before he even met her, so what can we expect? This same comparison of Luke and Joe was also tweeted out after week 3 by Bachelor-alum Christen Whitney.

Painful For Us And Them

spongebob bachelorette roller derby tweet
Photo Credit: Twitter / RachieRach1992

Something we learned this week on a date that had everyone falling for Hannah, is that very few of the men on this season are capable of rollerskating. And you know what? That’s okay. That’s probably a life skill they won’t need after The Bachelorette. Convenient that Cam chose not to crash this part of the group date, right?

This date resulted in a lot of bruised tailbones, and Dustin ended up with some sort of ankle injury that forces him to turn in his skates, but he also wins the group date rose!

Always Be Cam

hannah brown bachelorette tweet about group dates
Photo Credit: Twitter / @AlabamaHannah

The Bachelorette herself couldn’t resist tweeting out a joke from the May 20th episode. Cam wasn’t chosen for any of the 3 dates this week, meaning he was one of three men who wouldn’t see Hannah until the rose ceremony, but he decided that wasn’t going to work for him.

The man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do, okay? ‘ABC.’ Always Be Cam. Or in this case, Always Be Crashing dates no one wanted you at.

The Producers Hold All The Power

cam producers dark kermit the bachelorette
Photo Credit: Twitter / @Kelc_bw

Cam made the decision (no doubt with the help of producers) to make an appearance at the second group date cocktail party, with flowers in tow (that, again, he definitely acquired with the help of a producer.) Unsurprisingly, the other contestants were less than thrilled to see him.

Tyler C., along with a few other men, confronts Cam when he shows up but he defends himself by claiming he’s simply trying to make bold moves since Hannah wants a bold man. Crashing a date you weren’t chosen for probably wasn’t what she meant!

Week Three: The Cam And Luke Show

grant, joey, tyler c - week three The Bachelorette
Photo Credit: Twitter / @BachStreetBach

Basically, all that happened in week three was Cam annoyed Hannah and the other contestants, and Luke annoyed Hannah and the other contestants. It felt like every storyline revolved around one of them.

Clearly, the fans weren’t the only ones who were sick of it either. This shot of Grant, Joey, and Tyler C. embodied how we were all feeling having to spend 3 hours watching Luke and Cam fight over Hannah.

Storytime With Cam

cam explaining medical history The Bachelorette tweet
Photo Credit: Twitter / @curlygyeom

This week Cam embodied Michael Scott’s “Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going,” to a tee. First Cam told the men prior to their tailgate/cocktail party that he needed to talk to Hannah about something very important that would potentially result in him going home.

Then when Hannah gave him the chance to sit down and tell his story, it made even less sense. He went off on a story that was difficult to follow, to say the least. Lucky for Cam, Hannah is nice enough to at least pretend she shared his pain.

Did He Lose A Limb Or Not?

prosthetic leg bachelorette tweet
Photo Credit: Twitter / @TinaRegeena

If you found yourself searching for a prosthetic limb during Cam’s talk with Hannah, you definitely weren’t the only one.

Twitter was blowing up after Hannah’s talk with Cam when he mentioned ‘amputation,’ with fans trying to follow his tall tale and figure out if he had all his limbs intact or not. At the end of his long-winded story, fans were less than sympathetic. It’s still unclear what part of his medical troubles could’ve caused Hannah to send him home…

Now Let’s Talk About Luke

melissa anne red flag tweet
Photo credit: Twitter / @melissa_ann233

Luke P. is giving us red flags left, right, and center in this episode. He angers the other men and he upsets Hannah. At the end of the group date before handing out the rose, Hannah pulled Luke P. aside, feeling the need to reassure him that she still liked him even though she’d be giving the rose to someone else.

Every season there is one contestant who has a strong connection immediately with the lead but can’t handle the pressure and gets upset about. It’s as if they didn’t realize they were signing up for a show where the lead dates multiple people?

Leave Peter Alone

leave peter alone bachelorette tweet
Photo Credit: Twitter / @DeeDeeDcruz

Luke P. came after the beloved Peter the Pilot this week and Twitter was not here for it. Peter flew into Hannah’s heart and into the hearts of the audience, so when Luke tried to pick a fight with him, no one was impressed.

Peter and Hannah have one of the stronger relationships on the show at this stage though, probably surpassing Luke and Hannah now that Luke is starting to unravel, so it’s no surprise Luke was feeling insecure and took it out on Peter.

Barging In

learn to share bachelorette tweet
Photo Credit: Twitter / @bakergraceee

Another issue with Luke P. this week was that he clearly never learned to share. He interrupted Hannah while she was talking to Devin, then he tried to physically body-block Peter from talking to Hannah before him.

There’s even a clip of him at the group date uttering the classic phrase “Who wants to date someone and start to fall in love with someone and have to share?” Again, has he never seen the show?

What’re You Wearing?

Connor Luke P tweet_the bachelorette
Photo Credit: Twitter / @bluuushi

Just before Connor’s date, we learn Hannah was hospitalized after fainting, so their sailing date was altered to simply be hanging out for an unknown amount of time in her hotel room.

When Connor returns from the date, all the men are curious how the date went, what they did, and how Hannah is feeling. Luke, however, decides to ask “what was she wearing?” Yes, that’s what Luke is concerned about at this moment. This was really Luke P. in his finest form. He wasn’t even trying to hide his crazy in this situation.

Why Are You So Obsessed With Me?

you need to change your behaviour the bachelorette tweet
Photo Credit: Twitter / @CourtneyMenig

All of Luke P’s behavior throughout week three’s episode leads Hannah to pull him aside to have a conversation at the rose ceremony where she basically tells him to back off. Again, go Hannah!

She sits him down, reassures him that she is still interested, but also reminds him that she does have other relationships to explore here and that he can’t be getting in the way of that. After his talk with Hannah, he tells the camera he’s going to pretend the conversation never happened, which is probably not what she was hoping for.

What’s To Come

hannah group date bachelorette
Photo Credit: Instagram / @bacheloretteabc

Unfortunately for all of us, even though Cam was eliminated this week, Luke P. is still here. The promo for the upcoming episode involves rugby, the screentime Jed actually deserves, and more Luke drama. Surprise surprise, right?

The clip shows one contestant being taking away in an ambulance, Mike calling out Luke P. saying, “you’re violent, you’re aggressive, you are a psychopath,” as well as some sort of feud between Luke P. and Luke S.

Final Four Predictions

final four twitter the bachelorette
Photo Credit: Twitter / @helloc0urtney

At this stage in the game, Bachelor Nation is starting to make their predictions for who Hannah’s final four will be, and the majority of Twitter seems to be in agreement that Tyler, Jed, Connor, and Peter will all be making it to hometowns.

Speculation has also started for who the next Bachelor will be as well, even though that seems like a ways away. Many are saying that depending on how far Peter makes it, they’d like to see him as the next lead, or potentially Mike.