The Most Bizarre Guinness World Records Ever

The Guinness World Records are an annual listing of both human and animal achievements from around the world. For the most part, they are released in The Guinness Book of World Records which ranges from classic records such as the world’s tallest man to the most obscure records you can think of. While the more typical records are indeed amazing, you can’t overlook the bizarre ones that people dedicate their lives to achieving. From balancing the most spoons on a person’s face to the world’s largest screwdriver, these are some of the most random Guinness World Records around.

If you’re allergic to bees, don’t try to beat Gao Binggupo’s record.

Most Wooden Toilet Seats Broken On Head In One Minute

We’ve seen martial artists punch through wooden boards or karate chop through cinder blocks. But breaking wooden toilet seats over their head? Leave that to fitness instructor Kevin Shelley, an American who holds the Guinness World Record for the most wooden toilet seats broken over his head in just 60 seconds. The record was set in 2007 in Germany when Shelley moved his way down a line and broke a very impressive 46 toilet seats in 60 seconds! He compared the 60-second challenge to the final leg of a race that comes down to the determination, hand-eye coordination, and practice.

Most Straws Stuffed In Mouth


India’s very own Manoj Kumar Maharana recently just broke the Guinness World Record for fitting the most straws in his mouth without holding them in his hands. The record was unbeaten for eight years until Maharana fit 459 straws into his mouth at once. He then had to keep the straws in his mouth without using his hands for 10 seconds which he successfully did, earning him the title. Although the challenger may not use their hands to support the straws, they can put elastic bands around them to hold them together.

Stretchiest Skin


Gary Turner set the record for the world’s stretchiest skin on the set of Guinness World Records: Primetime in Los Angeles in 1999. He can stretch the skin on his abdomen a whole 6.25 inches as well as on other areas of his body. His skin is so stretchy that he can pull the skin on his neck in order to completely cover his mouth and lower jaw. Gary Turner’s skin is stretchy due to a medical condition that is known as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a disorder of the connective tissues that affects the skin, ligaments, and internal organs which results in the loosening of the skin and hypermobility of joints.

Most Bees On A Human Body

In 2015, a Chinese beekeeper named Gao Binggupo from Tai’an in China’s Shandong province destroyed the world record for the most bees on the human body. He was stung over 2,000 times during the attempt but the 55-year-old keeper has earned the Guinness World Record as well as the name the “Nations Number One Bee Keeper.” By the end, Bingguo had more than 1.1 million bees on him which weighed a whopping 240 pounds. The only proof to tell that he was under all of the bees was the cigarettes he was smoking during the application process. What’s even more surprising is that there are more people attempting to contest this record than you may think!

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Most Rotations Hanging From A Power Drill


Yes, this is a real Guinness World Record. The goal of the record is to attach a power drill from the ceiling and hold on or dear life to see how many rotations you can complete in a minute. The current record is 149 rotations and was completed by The Huy Giang in Madrid, Spain on December 23, 2008. Although this may seem like a rather strange record to break, it’s actually extremely difficult since it requires so much upper body strength, as well as trying not to get motion sickness spinning over 100 times.

Most People Applying Facial Masks

On August 1, 2017, the Furaibo Commercial and Trading Corporation in Shanghai, China set the Guinness World Record for the most people applying facial maks. In total there were 9,147 participants, however, 849 of them disqualified for not adhering to particular guidelines. So, they ended up setting the record with 8,298 participants successfully completing the challenge and setting the bar for this Guinness World Record pretty high for the next group that decides to take this on. This new record actually blew its predecessors out of the water, so it might be a while before we see someone else try their hand (or face?) at this.

Most Spoons Balanced On A Human Face


Dalibor Jablavonic takes breaking Guinness World Records seriously. Over the years, he has set 25 official Guinness Records in 10 different categories. However, the record that he is most proud of is his record for the most spoons balanced on his face. He set the record in September 2013 in Stubica, Croatia, where he balanced 31 spoons on his face. Although his day job is installing and servicing computers, he learned that he had a knack for balancing metal things on his body. His record for the most spoons balanced on a face is still going strong today.

This next guy must really like the cold!

Most Time Spent In Direct Full Body Contact With Snow

In 2013, Olesky Gutsulyak stripped down and set a new Guinness World Record for the longest time spent in direct, full body contact with the snow. Hailing from Ukraine, it seems that the cold doesn’t bother him all that much, as he managed to remain in the snow for a full 60 minutes and 8 seconds before the cold finally became too much. Odds are, Gutsulyak will probably hold this record for some time to come since not too many people are interested in being buried up to their head in the snow for over an hour to top his record.

Most Steps Walked By A Dog Balancing A Glass Of Water

In case you were wondering, humans aren’t the only group that has the opportunity to break a Guinness World Record. For example, the most steps walked by a dog while balancing a glass of water was set by an Australian Shepard/Border Collie named Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea holds the record after having walked a record 10 steps upstairs and 10 steps down, all while balancing a 5-ounce glass of water on her head. Sweet Pea accomplished this at the Sports und Schau Show in Verden, Germany, on January 5, 2008.

The Largest Screwdriver

For some reason, there is a Guinness World Record for the largest screwdriver. At the moment, the record is held by Aaditya Pratap Singh who set the record on June 16, 2016, in India. His screwdriver is 20 feet and 9 inches long. The acrylic handle measures 2 feet 8.5 inches, with the shaft measuring 18 feet and 0.5 inches. Although he personally holds the record, he is an engineering student and was helped by his colleagues and fellow students in his attempt to break the record. We’re not sure exactly what the point of having the world’s biggest screwdriver is, but to each their own.

If you thought your cat was loud, wait until you learn about Merlin!

Loudest Purr By A Domestic Cat


Merlin is a rescue cat from Torquay, Dublin in the UK that set the record for the loudest purr made by a domestic cat in 2015. Using a Guinness World Record adjudicator to verify, Merlin registered a purr that was 67.8 decibels, which beat the previous record set by the cat Smokey at 67.68 decibels in 2011. Purring at almost 70 decibels means that he can be nearly as loud as a human conversation or an air conditioner and his owner says that she can hear him sometimes even when she’s blow-drying her hair!

Longest Female Fingernails Ever


The longest fingernails ever belonged to an American woman named Lee Redmond who began to grow out her fingernails in 1979. She kept them carefully manicured and took care of them until they reached a total length of 28 feet and 4.5 inches in length. They were measured on the set of Lo Show Dei in Madrid, Spain on February 23, 2008, and Redmond was awarded the title for the longest fingernails. However, because of an automobile accident in 2009, she ended up losing her nails but still holds the record today.

Largest Rubber Band Ball

The Guinness World Record for the largest rubber band ball is held by Joel Waul. He set the record during the celebrations of the Guinness World Record Day on November 13, 2008, in Lauderhill, Florida. The ball is made up of 700,000 rubber bands ranging in different sizes in weight in order to successfully complete it. It weighs 9,032 pounds an is 6 feet 7 inches tall. Joel began working on his ball in April of 2004 and claimed the record four years later. Appropriately, Joel named the ball “Megaton” and still holds the record today. Apparently, not many people want to contest him.

Largest Snowglobe Collection

The Guinness World Record for the largest snowglobe collection belongs to Wendy Suen from China. She owns a total of 4,059 individual snowglobes which was verified by Guinness World Records on November 27, 2016. Wendy began collecting snowglobes in 2000, and recently just beat her own record which she set in 2005 with 904 snowglobes. Surely, since beating her last record, she hasn’t stopped and her collection has only grown since her record was verified. All we hope is that she doesn’t live anywhere with a lot of earthquakes, or else that might be problematic for her record.

Largest Stroller/Pram


Tom Kulton fro Chicago, Illinois currently holds the Guinness World Record for the largest pram/stroller. The record was verified on February 9, 2016, and has an enclosure length of 4 feet and 6.3 inches. The stroller is a scaled-up version of the Contour Bliss stroller. As the president of Kolcraft, Tom Kulton built the stroller so that adults could test out what it feels like riding in the stroller before they purchase it for their own child. So next time you’re in Chicago, don’t be surprised if you see someone being pushed around in the oversized stroller.

Most Layers Of Paint On A Baseball

In June 2004, Michael Carmichael of Alexandra, Indiana set the Guinness World Record for the most layers of paint on a baseball. At the time of verification, the ball has approximately 17,994 layers. Carmichael first started painting the ball in 1977, with him and his wife applying around two coats per day until at least June 2004 when the ball had a circumference of 9 feet and 1 inch. Certified arborist Rick baker inspected a core sample at 1200 times magnification and determined each layer of paint to be around .000778 of an inch thick, and ended up concluding that the baseball had around 17,994 layers.

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Largest Display Of Life-Sized Lego Superheros

Nathan Sawaya earned a spot in the Gunness World Records 2018 book for creating the world’s largest collection of life-sized superhero characters made entirely out of Legos. His collection includes superheroes such as Batman, Superman, The Flash and more, and all were verified in London, the UK on February 28, 2017. It took him over 18 months to create his entire collection, using over 2 million Legos. However, this wasn’t his first attempt at making Lego sculptures, he’s been doing it for over 10 years! He also has the record for the largest Lego brick sculpture of the Batmobile, which he keeps on display with the rest of his sculptures.

Largest Ball Of Stickers

The Guinness World Record for the largest ball of stickers was achieved by John Fischer and his employees at his company StickerGiant in Longmont, Colorado. At the time of its verification on January 13, 2016, the ball weighed a total of 231.6 pounds and claims to have only grown since then. The giant ball was named “Saul” by Fischer and his team which has been a group effort from the start. They even developed a particular type of sticker to help it keep its round shape. The ball has become so popular with media attention on USA Today, and Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Most Baked Beans Eaten In A Minute With Chopsticks

Cherry Yoshitake, or better known as “Mr. Cherrry” set the Guinness World Record for the most baked beans eaten in a minute with chopsticks on the set of Officially Amazing at RAF Bentwaters, the UK on July 1, 2015. He ate an amazing 71 individual baked beans in under a minute, defeating his competitors Steve and Ray who ate 65 and 36 respectively. Yet, this isn’t the only unique challenge Mr. Chery has set. He’s sat on 52 whoopee cushions in 30 seconds, put the most socks on one foot in 30 seconds, and numerous others. We’re certain to see more of him in the future.

First Prosthetic Tattoo Arm

In 2017, tattoo artists JC Sheitan Tenet from Lyon France was named by Guinness World Records as the first person to ever wear a prosthetic tattoo gun arm. The arm was constructed and designed by artist and engineer JL Gonzal, which Tenet has been wearing since 2016. Tenet uses the arm mostly for doing coloring and shade work on his customers who are all amazed by what he can do considering his circumstances. Although Gonzal and Tenet may have earned the Guinness Record for being the first to accomplish this, they surely won’t be the last.

Largest Commercially Available Hamburger

Photo Credits: Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

The largest commercially available hamburger is made by Juicy Foods and Ovations Food services for Juicy s Outlaw Grill, which is based in Corvallis, Oregon. It was named the world’s largest commercially available hamburger on July 2, 2012. The hamburger weighs in at a whopping total of 777 lbs making it a work of art more than anything. The hamburger has been available on the menu since 2012 and is sold for $5,000 (understandably so). However, if you do intend to order this burger, you must order it 48 ahead of time in order to give it even time to be prepared.

Running A Marathon Backwards While Juggling

Photo Credits: Yoon S. Byun/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Most people can’t imagine completing a 26.2-mile marathon in general, but imaging completing one backward while juggling! 32-year-old Joe Salter of Florida did exactly that back in 2013. Although he dropped the balls on several occasions, Salter crossed the finish line backward while juggling. Sure, it took him almost six hours to complete, but it’s more than the average marathon runner could say. While Salter was going for an entry in Guinness and he technically has the records, their rules are such that his feat was never officially recorded by them.

Most Points Scored As Michael Jordan on NBA 2K11

Photo Credits: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The most points scored playing 2K Sports’ NBA 2K11 using Michael Jordan was done by a young man by the name of Burtland Dixon. Against all odds, he managed to score 51 points at the 2K Sports booth during the NBA All-Star Jam in Los Angeles, California on February 18, 2011. Dixon played one minute quarters equaling a game of a total of four minutes. It was in that small amount of time that he rose from a boy into a man, a novice into a legend. Continue on to read his incredible story.

A Legend Is Born

Photo Credits: Chesnot/Getty Images)

here I was enjoying the lure of NBA All-Star weekend. I was with my cousin and we both love the NBA so it was great that All-Star Weekend was so close to home in Los Angeles. It was a euphoric event. I had been before when it was in Vegas but I was much younger at that point so I couldn’t really enjoy much. but because I was older and knew more about life, the Los Angeles experience was way better. At the event held in the convention center, you might see any amount of stars walking around. Dwayne Wade, Justin Bieber and whoever else you can think of. They also have booths where people can participate in events. And there was the NBA 2K booth. See how he earned his record.

A Championship Earned

Photo Credits: Burtland Dixon

Over the microphone, some guy was asking anybody if they had what it takes to beat this odd record. It was so specific, I didn’t want to try it at first but my cousin insisted. So sure enough, I sat down in their comfortable chair and brought out my skills. Now by 2011, my NBA 2K skills had gone from novice to borderline legendary. I had been playing the game since 2K2 came out.As I watched others fail to rise to the occasion, I knew how easy it was going to be to beat this record. And what made it better was that I never use Michael Jordan because he’s like cheating. So once I got my shot, I just transformed into the Jordan we all know and love from Space Jam. I was dunking, shooting the longest three-pointers and breaking every ankle I saw. When the time expired, I had successfully obtained the record.

Heaviest Vehicle Pulled Over 100 Feet

Photo Credits: Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post/Getty Images

The Guinness World Record for the heaviest vehicle pulled 100 feet was set by a man named Kevin Fast. Rev. Kevin Fast is from Cobourg, Canada and set the record on September 15, 2008. The vehicle weighed 126,200 pounds and was set on the Live With Regis & Kelly television show in New York, New York. While most of us have a hard time getting motivated to go to the gym, Rev. Kevin Fast is stepping up his game by pulling vehicles that way over 125,000 pounds. No big deal, right?

Most Bottle Caps Removed With Teeth In One Minute

NAKHON PATHOM, THAILAND – AUGUST 4: Bottle caps are collected to be sent to another recycle factory for processing on August 4 ,2017 in Nakon Pathom, Thailand, They are made from high density polyethylene ( HDPE ). Indorama Ventures has 70 operating sites in 24 countries. In one year they estimate that they recycle 1.43 billion plastic bottles manufacturing the plastic into Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottle flakes and post consumer recycle (PCR) for the textile market IPI -NPT chips are produced. According to a recent study published, Thailand along with China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam are on the list of the world’s top-five plastic polluters. Cleaning up plastic pollution in Thailand is a challenge due to obstacles caused by culture, infrastructure and environment. Many plastic items like shopping bags, and food wrapping tend to be used for short periods before being discarded. (Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

Could you imagine removing a beer bottle cap with your teeth? Ouch! Oddly enough, there are people who can. Murali K.C of India definitely can and he holds the Guinness World Record for having opened the most within one minute! On September 17, 2011, Murali opened 68 beer bottles with his teeth in one minute. Four witnesses and media officials were there to capture the seemingly-painful feat, though it might be safe to say that Murali is in no pain knowing he’s the only one in the world who is able to do this. Hopefully, he celebrated with one of those beers!

World’s Largest Feet

Photo Credits: YASSER AL-ZAYYAT/AFP/Getty Images

The Guinness World Record for the world’s largest feet was set by Brahim Takioullah from Morrocco. He is 29 years old and currently lives in Paris. His left foot measures in at 1 foot 3 inches in length and his right is 1 foot 2.7 inches. He is also extremely tall and has been declared as the second-tallest living man, just two feet behind Sultan Kosen of Turkey who is 8 feet 3 inch tall. He had a massive growth spurt during his teens which is what caused him to be so tall and have such large features, mostly attributed to a rare condition known as acromegaly.

Longest Kiss


The Guinness World Record for the longest kiss was 58 hours, 35 minutes, and 57 seconds. It was achieved by Ekkachai Tiranarat and Laksana Tiranarat who are both from Thailand. The entire thing was organized by Ripley’s Believe it or Not Pattaya in Pattaya, Thailand on February 12-14, 2013. There were nine couples that entered the competition with even a married couple in their 70s being in the group. However, the Tiranarat couple had held the previous record and won it again with relative ease. They won a cash prize as well as two diamond rings for their ability to kiss for extended periods of time.

Most Catches Juggling Chainsaws

Photo Credits: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Most people can’t even jungle juggling balls, let alone chainsaws. But not Ian Stewart, he earned the Guinness World Record for the most catches while juggling chainsaws on September 25, 2011, after completing a total of 94 catches.He succeeded the challenge at the Hants County Exhibition in Windsor, Nova Scotia. To beat the record, he used 3 Zenoah G2000T chainsaws that were fully engaged during the attempt. It took him around 37 seconds in order to complete his successful 94 catches.

Most People Exercising To A Fitness Video

Photo by Lyu Ming/CHINA NEWS SERVICE/VCG via Getty Images

If you were wondering what 4,814 people exercising simultaneously to the same fitness video looks like, this is it. On November 12, 2017, more than 4,800 gathered at Datian County in Fuijan, China.

The group donned matching pink attire and exercising to a video for just five minutes from 9 a.m. to 9:05 a.m. While we’re on this health kick, would you like some tofu to eat? How about six tons of tofu?

Biggest Block Of Tofu

Photo by TPG/Getty Images

On December 23, 2017, 74 farmers in Jiangxi, China broke the record for the biggest block of tofu ever. The farmers spent 16 hours making the tofu, which ended up weighing a staggering six tons.

The block of tofu measured close to 12 feet by 12 feet and more than one foot tall. It was used to feed the various festivalgoers later in the day.

The Most People Making An Image Of An Organ


India is known for being one of the most polluted countries in the world. In some areas, the air pollution is so bad, studies have found breathing the air is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.

To raise awareness of the air pollution issues in India, more than 5,300 students from 35 schools gathered in the nation’s capital to form a giant pair of lungs. They set the Guinness Book Record for the most people making an image of an organ.

The World’s Hairiest Car

Gianni Cipriano / Barcroft Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Maria Lucia Mugno is an Italian hairstylist who has spent more than $80,000 covering her car in human hair. No, you didn’t read that wrong.

Mugno holds the official Guinness World Record for the hairiest car. The project, which took her more than 150 hours to complete, contains 150 kilograms of human hair that she acquired from India. Not only is the outside of her Fiat 500 covered in hair, but the inside is as well.

The next one is for the kids at heart!

The World’s Largest Crayon

Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Crayola

On September 14, 2017, Crayola released its newest crayon, appropriately named Bluetiful. To showcase the new color, the company created a large version of the crayon, which weighs in at an amazing 1,352 pounds.

The 15.6-foot behemoth was debuted at the Sixty Tenth event in New York City but if you’d like to catch of glimpse of it yourself, you can view the crayon as it travels through the U.S. with The Crayola Experience.

Most Fingernails Painted At The Same Time

Photo by Shankar Narayan/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

On February 11, 2018, more than 2,000 women gathered in Pune, India to break a Guinness World Record. Donning matching pink aprons, the women sat in red chairs as they began to paint their nails. The record attempt was organized to raise awareness about breast cancer.

The group set not one but two records and became the largest number of people painting their fingernails simultaneously as well as the largest female health awareness less.

Most Big Macs Ever Consumed In a Lifetime

Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

On May 1, 2011, Donald A. Gorske set the record for the most Big Macs consumed in a lifetime. How many Big Macs does it take to set the Guinness World Record? Apparently, 25,000.

Gorske started his love affair with McDonald’s as a child and today is a full-blown Big Mac enthusiast. He claims to have eaten Big Macs every day since 1972 when he got his first car and drove to McDonald’s immediately. Since then, there have only been eights separate days where he hasn’t eaten one of the famed McDonald’s burgers. Gorske is such an enthusiast, he was featured in the documentary Supersize Me and even met his wife at the fast-food chain. Miraculously, he is in overall good health and not overweight.

Most Shaving Cream Pies Thrown

Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

In the photo above, 10-year-old Olivia Wells and 11-year-old Emily Grenadine are armed and ready with shaving cream pies. Hundreds gathered on March 10, 2018, event to throw shaving cream pies in an attempt to break a Guinness World Record.

With Pi Day right around the corner, the event was held in conjunction with the Museum of Science’s celebrations. Guests donned ponchos and goggles to protect themselves from the onslaught of shaving cream, which was donated by Gilette.

A Two-For-One Record

Photo by Stringer/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Now this is something you don’t see every day. Sultan Kosen, left, is the Guinness World Record holder for the tallest living male. Kosen is an amazing eight feet, two inches tall, 302 pounds, and has size-22 feet.

Sitting next to him is Jyoti Amge, who currently holds the record for being the world’s smallest living woman. The 24-year-old stands at just two feet, one inch tall and plays Ma Petite in American Horror Story.

Heaviest Man In The World


In December 2016, the Guinness Book of World Records recognized Juan Pedro Franco as the heaviest man in the world. Franco tipped the scaled at 1,311 pounds and officially became the heaviest living individual after the death of the previous heaviest person, Manuel Uribe.

As of March 2018 however, Franco has put all of his efforts into turning his life around. Since being declared the heaviest man in the world, he has lost more than 500 pounds