The Highest Ransoms Ever Paid To Bring A Human Being Home Safely

When it comes to horrific crimes, kidnapping often takes the lead. When someone is kidnapped, the ones left behind are faced with ghastly ideas of what could be happening to their loved one. Is the kidnapper torturing them? Is their loved one safe or is their life on the line? For those being held against their will, the effect is disastrous and can end up causing emotional wreckage that will last for years.

The Getty Ransom Debacle

The Getty Ransom Debacle

John Paul Getty III, the grandson of the American industrialist, John Paul Getty, was a bit of a wild child. Having grown up in Rome in the late 1960s, JPG III caused ruckus after ruckus for his wealthy family. When he was kidnapped in 1973, his family initially ignored the $17 million ransom, assuming it was JPG III himself attempting to alleviate his financial issues. A second ransom note was sent by the kidnappers but was delayed due to a postal strike.

pauls ear.jpg

Eventually, kidnappers mailed a lock of JPG III’s hair along with his mutilated ear and a lower ransom of just over $3 million. Realizing the threat was serious, the family paid the requested amount and JPG III was released.