The Heartbreaking Reason Why Jonathan Scott and Jacinta Kuznetsov Decided To Split Up

Jonathan Scott and Jacinta Kuznetsov appeared to be the perfect couple for their fans. They look great together. and showed their audience what it means to build a relationship and how to treat one another. While fans were eagerly waiting for the day that the two would wed, they heard the heartbreaking news about their breakup. While many people were confused by their decision, it turns out that there are some details about Scott’s past that might answer some questions. If you want to learn how these two went from a power couple to nothing at all, read on.

Making Some Serious Magic


Years before twin Brothers Drew and Jon Scott became international superstars, the boys were living on a horse farm in a house of creatives outside of Vancouver, Canada. Their father was a Scottish immigrant and they had an older brother named J.D. However, even at a young age, a young Jon showed promise with a strong stage presence and bright personality.

At the mere age of 7, their father encouraged them to get jobs and the boys became child clowns. Yet, after a while, the two became bored with the makeup. Jon had an interest in magic and began working as an amateur musician, entertaining his audiences with his skills.

It was clear that the boys were already on their way to something, nobody knew just how far they’d go.

Cards At The Ready


Initially, Jon thought that he could make a career out of being a musician, and if not that, then in some other form of entertainment. He had caught the bug. Young Jon then took on the stage name of Jonathan Silver. However, he hesitated.

There was something about the entertainment business that made him feel unsure. If he ended up taking that path it’s possible that he could end up no more than a starving artist.

So, he made an executive decision to take his career in a different direction.

Prepared For Anything


Luckily for the boys, their dad had prepared them for life in more ways than one. Since they were young, their dad taught them how to be a handy man and fix things around the house. When Jonathan was just 14, he received the ultimate prep course and moved to Alberta, Canada.

Here, he would undertake the amazing project of building his parents’ dream home. Completing the project would have a massive impact on Jonathan. He decided that his entertainment career would need to be put on hold. He now knew what he wanted to do.

But in order to do so, he’d have to take a big step.

The Two Brothers Were In It Together


Some twins feel that they’re always in competition with each other, but not Jonathan and Drew. The two shared a mutual interest in real estate and headed down the same road together. Instead of competing, they decided to team up together and follow their dreams as a unit.

Jonathan and Drew enrolled in the same college at the University of Calgary in business management in order to prepare themselves to become real estate titans.

However, they didn’t know the success they would soon achieve and the romance and heartbreak that would come with it.

Students With A Goal


While many students their age were spending their time partying, these young students had something else in mind. They saved up enough money for a down payment and bought their first property right across from their own university. This was a huge opportunity for the brothers. They could sublet, repair things, and make any renovations that they wanted.

After a year trying new things, they ended up selling the property for a whopping $50,000!

The two were on the road to success… but what would it cost them later?

Building An Empire


For the next 10 years, Drew and Jonathan were in the process of building a thriving business empire. Together, they founded their own company called Scott Real Estate. For their business, the two traveled back and forth between Canada and of course, Las Vegas.

Being in Las Vegas made Jonathan think about his time being a magician and he began to long for it once again.

Would they ever be able to realize their childhood dream of being actors and entertaining audiences?

Game Time

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Finally, after all of the hard work, the twins had a breakthrough. Some television producers heard about a pair of handsome, ambitious, and talented real estate agents, and they wanted a piece of it.

Of course, there was no way that the charming brothers could turn down the offer, and so the Property BrothersTV show was born. On the series, the duo help people transform their ordinary properties into their dream home, taking their clients budgets into account.

Their popularity increase, but the twins had no idea how their fandom would explode.

Major Celebrities

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Property Brothers was the gateway and ultimate opportunity for the two to combine their love for performing and their passion and skill at real estate. Soon enough, the brothers became household names and had a fan base larger than anyone could hope to count.

Once they got their own production company, the world was theirs. Soon after, the brothers became involved in books, radio, music, acting, and more. They had several successful seasons airing in Canada and the United States, as well as spin-off shows.

Yet, something was missing from the picture.

Missing A Love Life


For some time, Jonathan’s smiling face and charisma was plastered on television screens and magazine covers. He’s attractive, successful, and has a magnetic personality. The biggest question that all of his fans had on their minds was, why was he single? He was an eligible bachelor without a doubt.

It seems logical that he should have swooped up by a girl the second he stepped in front of the camera, but that wasn’t the case. Was he waiting for the right one? There were so many questions that needed to be answered.

But where would he find this special girl?

Meeting A Special Girl


Finally, love struck at a charity event in the fall of 2015. Although he was having a great time just being there, Jonathan noticed a cute blonde from across the room and couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He was distracted, to say the least. He became infatuated with the girl and couldn’t keep himself from looking for her during the event.

She was already at a charity event, so that says something about her character. He finds her attractive, she clearly has her morals straight… what more could he want?

But how could he break the ice with this mystery girl?

Was She The One?


Unfortunately, the timing just wasn’t right just then. However, they did manage to bump into each other on a separate occasion. It was there that Jonathan began to learn more about the girl that left him stunned the night of the charity event. But of course, he still wanted to know more about this mystery girl.

Luckily, he found out that her name was Jacinta Kuznetsov, so the question was, what would his next move be? She didn’t have a glass slipper so he could find her, but she did have an Instagram account.

What was he going to say?

Figuring It Out


For Jonathan, contacting a woman like Jacinta and casually asking her out wasn’t Jonathan’s style. He felt that wasn’t how someone of his standing should approach dating. But what other choices did he have? He was driving himself crazy over it.

Even though he knew her social media account, it took Jonathan a long time to decide whether to talk to her or not. Still, months passed by and all he could do was look at her picture longingly. Finally he mustered up all of his courage and decided to take a risk.

But how was she going to respond to him?

Not As Successful As Planned


To Jonathan’s astonishment, she said yes! Together, they made plans and went out on their first date. Jonathan was ecstatic, but he needed a way to find more information about her to make the date as great as possible. However, to his misfortune, the date did not go as plan, in fact it totally failed.

While they were out on their date, he was asking a lot of questions trying to get to know her better and even started asking questions that were a little too personal. His plan completely backfired and she grew uncomfortable and told him that he was asking the worst questions. He was completely taken off guard.

The entire situation seemed doomed.

A Second Chance


Luckily for Jonathan, that wasn’t the end. After all those months of thinking about her and summoning the courage to ask her out, he wasn’t just going to give up, even though it did blow up in his face. He had to plan what to do next. After he realized how little she liked him, he acted quickly.

He apologized with all of his heart and boldly asked for what he called a “do-over” and even asked if perhaps they could get together the following night. TV star or not, things weren’t looking too great for the real estate agent.

What did she reply?

Take Two

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Luckily for Jonathan, Jacinta said yes and agreed to give Jonathan another chance. However, on one condition, that he stops bombarding her with so many questions. She also apologized and said that maybe she had been a little hard on him originally and that she’d watch how she acted as well.

For the most part, the majority of women wouldn’t be so kind as to give Jonathan a second chance. But Jacinta made the right decision in doing so. Before the date, Jonathan had some self-reflection and decided he was to be himself. The date ended up going splendidly.

But would it last?

And Off They Go


For Jonathan and Jacinta, the second date turned into a third date, then another, and another, until eventually, Jonathan found himself in the relationship of his dreams. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was and was proud of himself for being persistent. He had everything he could want from a television show and now an amazing girlfriend.

At first, the couple went slow, getting to know each other, and enjoying each others’ company. They kept their relationship hidden, for the most part, considering Jonathan’s celebrity status.

But they couldn’t keep their relationship a secret forever!

Becoming Official


After telling the public that they were officially a couple, fans couldn’t get enough of them. Finally, television’s most eligible bachelor was officially taken! The two began to let the world know by posting on social media and sharing Instagram posts, and their followers couldn’t get enough.

For many fans, their relationship was a dream come true for Jonathan and his new love. Just when people were beginning to question his happiness, he showed the world that he had found the girl of his dreams.

Things were about to take an exciting turn for the couple!

And Action!


It was only a matter of time before Jacinta found herself on Jonathan’s television show. She joined Property Brothers and made recurring appearances, winning the hearts of Jonathan’s fans all over the world. Their relationship appeared so perfect that fans were demanding more of Jacinta on the show.

At the same time, Jonathan’s brother, Drew, fell in love with a girl named Linda Phan. Linda also made appearances on Property Brothers alongside Jacinta. During that time, everyone was happy and in love.

But then, something peculiar happened.

A Romantic Vacation


In December 2016, Jonathan took his love Jacinta on a romantic getaway to the island of Maui. As they enjoyed their time outside of Canada during the wintertime, people began to wonder if this would be the place that Jonathan would pop the question to Jacinta, and ask her to marry him. After all, it would be the perfect place for a proposal!

Even though the two had only known each other for two years, everyone agreed that they were meant for each other. As more and more pictures of the couple began to appear on fans’ Instagram feeds, everyone was waiting for a proposal picture to appear.

Maybe Next Time!


Even though the two enjoyed a romantic getaway in Hawaii, Jacinta returned back to Canada without a ring on her finger! Fans were confused because it would have been the perfect place for a wedding proposal. The fans could now do nothing but wait.

All of the signs were pointing towards marriage, and in an interview, Jonathan made it known that he was looking to get married and have children. Although the two had only been together for a short period of time, everyone was beginning to wonder what was taking so long.

Not On The Same Page

As time went on, the couple’s relationship seemed to evolve. During that time, Jonathan even went back on some of his previous statements that he had said about marriage. However, after his interview, he went on record saying that he and Jacinta wanted to take things slowly.

He pointed out that he and Jacinta had only been dating for a short period of time in comparison to most people. Jonathan’s mixed messages continued to confuse fans and aided in fostering even more rumors about the couple.

This made people wonder, did something happen that we’re all missing?

Behind The Scenes


During that time, Behind the scenes of Property Brothers, Jonothan’s brother Drew became engaged to his long-term girlfriend Linda Phan. So, instead of getting their own place, Linda and Drew decided to move in with Jonathan in his house in Las Vegas. This was a rather unusual living situation with a married couple living with another sibling.

However, things got even crazier! Jacinta then moved in too! Two couples and two brothers were now sharing a roof in Las Vegas.

Fans were now convinced that it was only a matter of time before Jonathan got down on one knee.

Out Of Nowhere


Nobody saw this coming. In early April 2017, one Instagram post blew everyone’s mind. Jonathan Scott posted a picture of he and Jacinta playing with baby elephants. Innocent, right? Yet, in the caption, Jonathan announced that the couple had called it quits.

The words were clearly written very delicately, and Jonathan ensured his fans that the decision was mutual between the two of them. But the announcement was so unexpected and sudden that it sent fans reeling.

What had happened? What was Jacinta’s reaction?

Her Response

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In response, Jacinta reposted what Jonathan had already written. Both of them spoke highly of each other with no clear signs of animosity towards each other. This was surprising, not just because of the breakup, but because it was such a clean separation between two huge celebrities.

For most people, it was refreshing more than anything. Jonathan claimed that the two of them would remain friends no matter what, and both had great things to say about the other person and their past.

So the real question was, what had happened?

Skeletons In The Closet


It turns out, Jonathan had a few skeletons in his closet. Although Jacinta knew about his secret, the rest of the world didn’t. It was a part of his life that he chose to not share with the rest of the world and shocked all of his fans.

Apparently, Jonathan had been married before. He had met his previous wife, Kelsey Ully while he was working for WestJet. The two had dated for 5 years and were married for 2.

People then began to wonder, was this the reason why Jonathan was so hesitant to search for love?

Changing Times

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Jonathan and Jacinta then both moved out of the house they were living in with Drew and relocated to Toronto, Canada. Drew and Linda stayed behind, which was healthy for the couple who finally got to spend some time alone together.

Although Jacinta might have been Jonathan’s love of his life, it was his brother that had been his partner and confidant through thick and thin. Moving away from his brother, who had been such a big part of his life, proved to be incredibly hard on him.

But what about Jacinta?



In order to have a relationship with one of television’s biggest stars, it meant that Jacinta had to give up much of her own personal life. She was now in the public eye and was always on her toes whether she was in front of the camera or being followed by paparazzi.

It’s believed that living, loving, and working with her celebrity boyfriend had become too much of her. Being part of the relationship, she even had to quit her own job in order to work for the Scott brothers as a member of the show.

While details remain murky, maybe Jacinta just couldn’t mix work and pleasure?

While details remain murky, maybe Jacinta just couldn’t mix work and pleasure?

While the details stay remain in question, is it possible Jacinta couldn’t mix business with pleasure?

A Bittersweet Moment


Just a month after Jonathan and Jacinta broke up, Jonathon stood by his brother’s side as he married Linda in a beautiful destination wedding in Italy. Emotions were still high for Jonathan, making him cry during his best man speech saying that he had “not been so fortunate with love.”

Putting his own problems aside, Jonathan was thrilled by his brother’s marriage. Overwhelmed with joy, his twin brother and his new sister-in-law gave Jonathan hope for his future.

Luckily for Jonathan, there was a hopeful twist.

Looking Ahead


Although it was a shocking breakup, the outcome was surprising. While most breakups may drive couples apart, Jacinta and Jonathan remained close. In fact, they are still co-workers! Jacinta still remains on the production team at Scott Brothers Entertainment, working closely alongside her ex-boyfriend.

Finally, a celebrity couple that broke up but managed to stay civil towards one another. It’s clear that they have managed to not let their differences get in the way of their friendship or work. We hope they remain good friends, but who knows what the future holds!