The Evolution Of Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart wasn’t always Hollywood icon, nor was she as proud and outspoken about her sexuality as she is today. Twilight’s leading lady has an infectious confidence that didn’t show up overnight; it took her years to cultivate. The rather shy, private actress has managed to rise to one of Hollywood’s most successful and coveted young actors since her humble beginnings as a Disney movie extra.

1999 – Kristen Stewart Makes Her Debut

kristen stewart disney extra.jpg

In 1999, Kristen Stewart wasn’t a big star but everyone has to start somewhere. She landed her first role as a child actor in a Disney film called The Thirteenth Year and played an uncredited girl waiting in line for a drink at a water fountain.

In 2000, she managed to snag another role in The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas. This time she finally made it into the credits as “Ring Toss Girl.” It wasn’t the most glamorous role, and the film was overall regarded as a box office bomb, but we’re doubting that the “Ring Toss Girl” was the problem with the film.