The Divorce Is Pending, So What Exactly Happened With Theresa Caputo’s Marriage?

Theresa Caputo is a self-proclaimed medium and the star of the show Long Island Medium. However, after 28 years of marriage to her husband Larry, she announced that the couple was divorcing. Theresa and Larry had initially split up in December 2017, with Theresa stating, “After 28 years of marriage, we have decided to legally separate. We will always love each other and our two wonderful children.” Her husband Larry echoed, “There is no animosity. We still have a concern for each other. We’re still going to be in each other’s lives.” The couple was together for a total of 32 years, so what happened?

Fame Hurt Their Relationship

Fame Hurt Their Relationship
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According to Larry, the success of Long Island Medium was one of the downfalls of the couple’s relationship. He told Radar Online that the two were not prepared for what was to come when Theresa starred in her reality show on TLC.

He said that is was “exciting and fun in the beginning, but then after the longevity, you become more exposed, [and] it affects your private life.” He also noted that the show is actually a reality show, which is much more stressful on a marriage than if it was scripted.