The Dark Side Of Craigslist

Craigslist is where people go to buy and sell everything from furniture, to cars, to apartments and houses. But because Craigslist is a marketplace free for all, things can get a little bit questionable at times. Here are some of the wildest Craigslist scandals and pranks that have gone terribly, terribly wrong.

Assisted Robbery

In 2008, an Oregon couple in their late twenties was arrested and taken into custody “on charges of first-degree theft, conspiracy to commit second-degree burglary and two counts of conspiracy to commit computer crime,” according to Amber and Brandon Herbert had posted two fraudulent Craiglist ads, saying that the items in a random home were abandoned and were free for the taking.


The home was, in fact, not abandoned and homeowner Robert Salisbury found out about the ads from someone who contacted him and asked him about the ad. When Salisbury arrived at his property, he found dozens of people rummaging through his stuff. As it turned out, the Herberts posted the ad in hopes of covering up their own previous burglary of Salisbury’s property.