The Bizarre Addictions That Our Favorite Celebs Have Will Make You So Confused

Everyone has a vice. For most of us, it’s coffee, or soda, or some sort of sweets. Maybe the vice is that you watch too much Netflix (it’s understandable), or that you drink way too much carrot juice (looking at you Cheryl Cole).

These are all addictions that normal, non-famous people have. But, what obsessions and addictions do our favorite celebs have? If everyone has their own weird tendencies, what harmless addictions afflict the biggest stars in Hollywood?

Anna Kendrick’s Love For Online Gaming

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

If you know anything about Anna Kendrick, you’ll know that she’s very quirky and weird, even if she’s extremely talented. She not only has an online gaming obsession, but she loves Angry Birds specifically.

Yes, it’s a bit outdated for her to be loving Angry Birds, but we shouldn’t knock her for it. Kendrick says that she plays continuously for hours almost every day. It’s an addiction that she can’t seem to kick and is even a little bit worried about.