The Biggest Scandals Of The Olympic Games

The Long-Distance Runner Who Got A Lift To The Finish Line

Wikimedia Commons

Cheating at the Olympics has gone on as early as 1904 when American long-distance runner Fred Lorz competed in the marathon at that year’s Summer Olympics in St. Louis. Nine miles into the race, Lorz stopped due to exhaustion and his manager proceeded to give Lorz a lift in his car.

The car broke down after 11 miles, at which point Lorz completed the race on foot to the finish line at the Olympic stadium. The car ride made Lorz the first to return and effectively win the race, initially going along with being the winner until he was called out.

Thomas Hicks was named the real winner, but it was later revealed that he used performance-enhancing substances to help him, much like what Russia has been accused of time and time again…