Teacher Tries To Break Up A Fight, Female Student Uses STUN GUN On Him

A high school teacher was stunned when he tried to break up a fight between two female students in the hallway. Like, literally stunned — as in one of the students used a stun gun on him, sending a painful shock of electricity right up his arm.


In the short video captured by another student at the school and shared on Facebook, you can see a petite young girl being held against the wall by an older, much taller male teacher as a crowd of students gathers around.

The scene unfolded rapidly at Mary G. Montgomery High School in Mobile, Alabama, on a Thursday afternoon around 1 p.m. As two girls got into a heated and very physical altercation in the hallway, a male teacher stepped in swiftly to break up the fight. He managed to detain one of the girls up against the wall — but within moments, she took a stun gun to his arm, broke free, and fled.

You can hear in the video the electrifying buzz of the stun gun, causing the teacher to suddenly leap back in a gut reaction to shock and pain. The girl then takes the opportunity to whiz off into the encircling crowd of fellow students, running and pushing her way out of the school altogether.


Luckily, police officers who had already been called to the scene managed to catch the girl before she got too far. She was placed under arrest for two charges: one felony assault for using the stun gun on the teacher, and one misdemeanor assault for striking another student in the face — the girl she’d previously been fighting with.

The young woman was taken to Strickland Youth Center, a juvenile detention center in Mobile. Her name and identity have not been released as she is still a minor.

“This is what happens when you ruin a fight that’s gone happen anyways,” commented one student who shared the video on social media. The video has been viewed more than 316,000 times.

Sgt. Joseph Mahoney of the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office said that authorities do not know how or where the student obtained the stun gun. The video footage makes it unclear whether she had the device in her hand the entire time or whether she managed to pull it out of a pocket or have it handed to her while the teacher was holding her back.

The laws surrounding the use and possession of stun guns varies from state to state or even city to city, with some districts requiring permits to carry and other outlawing them altogether. While the state of Alabama does not consider a stun gun a firearm or deadly weapon, there are laws prohibiting them from school campuses.


Further details about the girl’s arrest or her fate in the hands of the juvenile court system are also kept under strict guard, due to her status as a minor. As if trying to get teenagers interested in school wasn’t difficult enough as it is, now high school teachers have to worry about getting stunned on the job, too.