Stars Who Stand With Muslims

Throughout his campaign and time in office, Trump hasn’t been quiet about the fact that he is determined to register Muslim Americans in a database–which is clearly not OK at all and seems eerily similar to what happened during the Holocaust and during World War II, with the Japanese-American Internment Camps. Now that he’s President, that campaign promise has become more than just word service, there may be “teeth” and deliberate intent to revisit the mistakes that we thought were long since gone. But, celebrities are taking a stand and rallying support for the Muslim community.

When Did Trump Propose A Muslim Directory?

In November 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump was asked: “Is there going to be a database that tracks the Muslims here in this country?” And, he responded: “There should be a lot of systems, beyond database, we should have a lot of systems, and today you can do it.”

Trump Proposes Muslim Registry

Since then, there’s been lots of debate about what Trump said (or didn’t say) after his rally that day, and whether or not he fully understood the question being asked by the reporter. He was later asked specifically how he’d get Muslims registered in a database. He replied: “It would be just good management. What you have to do is good management procedures and we can do that.”