So Brutal: Stars Who Jumped And/Or Fell to Their Deaths

Just because a celebrity is famous it doesn’t mean they are invincible. While they may seem that way while on stage or on the big screen, they are just ordinary people in real life. The grim reaper is undefeated and we will all meet our maker at one time or another. However, accidents or just plain stupidity can lead to meeting him a lot earlier than we planned and that’s exactly what happened to these stars who fell or jumped to their deaths. Many of these cases are famous and #10 is perhaps the most famous of them all.

Jerry Fuchs


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Fuchs is a famous drummer who played with a number of indie bands such as LCD Sound System and Maserati. In 2009, the drummer got stuck in an elevator and when help arrived and Fuchs tried to jump out of the elevator, his clothes got stuck and he plummeted down the elevator shaft to his death. Check out the 15th entry for another man who made his name in the music business.

DJ Mehdi

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Mehdi was a french hip-hop producer known for his remixes of various different songs and was a rising star. During a party, Mehdi fell through the skylight during a rooftop partied and died. Three other people at the party were also injured.

Spalding Gray

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Gray was a writer who was without a doubt best known for his legendary monologue Swimming to Cambodia, which became a film in 1987. He committed suicide in 2004 after he jumped off the Staten Island Ferry into the New York harbor. His body was missing for around two months.

Paul Bhattacharjee



This British actor was prolific both on the screen and the stage. He had a wide range of skills and appeared in everything from action to soap opera movies and stage performances. A day after he declared bankruptcy in 2013, his body was found at the bottom of a cliff. The next man on our list also made his name on the big screen.

Tony Scott

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While his older brother, Ridley Scott, is more famous, Tony Scott is no slouch. He directed big Hollywood films like “Top Gun” and “Enemy of the State.” But at the age of 68, he jumped off of a bridge in Los Angeles to his death.

Donny Hathaway

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Hathaway was a man of many talents as a singer, pianist, and songwriter. He was known for a couple of songs, but his career took a hit when he was diagnosed with schizophrenia in the 1970s. He died in 1979 after he jumped from his 15th-floor apartment balcony.

Albert Ayler


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Ayler was a saxophone player who was a divisive figure in music, as some felt he was legendary and a genius, while others thought his “different” style was not very good at all. At the age of 34, his body was found in a New York river, which was likely the result of a suicide.

Kurt Vonnegut


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Vonnegut was an author that had critical acclaim and wrote many different novels and plays including The Sirens of Titans, Slaughterhouse-Five. He died at the age of 84, but not from a suicide like most of the people on our list, he died from injuries suffered from a fall a few weeks prior.


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Capucine was a famous French actress and model who was probably best known for her role in The Pink Panther. She had a long career and life in the limelight, but at the age of 62, she decided to jump to her death from her eight-story balcony in Switzerland.

Johnny Lewis


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Lewis is an actor, best known for his role on “Sons of Anarchy” who also dated Katy Perry from 2005-06. Throughout his life, he suffered from a variety of mental conditions and those all culminated in an apparent murder-suicide when he killed his landlady (and her cat) and then himself, by apparently jumping off the roof.

Owen Hart


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Hart was a Canadian professional wrestler for a number of different promotions and was a member of the world-famous Hart family in wrestling. He unfortunately, died after falling from the rafters when a wrestling entrance went bad… and this happened live during a show. It remains the saddest and most famous events in wrestling.

Robert Atkins


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Atkins was a world-renowned cardiologist but is definitely better known as the man behind the world famous “Atkins Diet” which millions of people have used to try and lose weight in a short period of time. In 2003, Atkins passed away after falling on some ice and banging his head.

Charles Rosher


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During the early years of film, Rosher was a cinematographer. He was so good at his job that he won two Oscars, and was the first ever cinematographer to win an Academy Award. He lived a long life, but unfortunately passed away at the age of 88 as a result of a fall that occurred when he was in Portugal.

Christine Pascal

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Pascal was a talented French actress and director. But she also struggled with mental illness in her life and at the age of 42, she flung herself out of a window in a psychiatric hospital that she was staying at. In an eerie twist, the first film she ever directed opened with a suicide scene.

Edwin Howard Armstrong

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Edwin Howard Armstrong was an engineer and inventor who is credited as being the man who created and developed FM radio. In addition to this, he had 41 other patents. In 1954, Armstrong jumped from his 13th floor window and landed on a third-floor balcony, and died as a result.

Elizabeth Hartman

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In her time, Elizabeth Hartman was among the best actresses in the world and was nominated for an Oscar and won a Golden Globe. She had numerous notable roles with her work in “A Patch of Blue” probably being the most famous. She struggled with depression throughout her life and took her life in 1987 when she jumped out of a fifth-floor window.

Herman Brood

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Brood was a Dutch rock and roll star in the 1970s and was seen as the biggest rock star in the history of the country, and he later became a painter. He jumped from the roof of the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam in 2001 after a lifetime of dealing with drug and alcohol problems. His death was one of the biggest events in Dutch music history.

Roy Raymond


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While you may not know the name, you definitely know his work. He was a businessman who founded the famous lingerie store that goes by the name of Victoria’s Secret. But despite his major business successes (though there were some failures), he committed suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge in 1993.

Mario Monicelli

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Monicelli was an acclaimed screenwriter and director and one of the most legendary Italian directors of all-time. Throughout his career, he was nominated for six Oscars. He died at the age of 95 when he jumped out of a hospital window after the was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The next entry was also nominated for quite a few Oscars.

Natalie Wood


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Natalie Wood was perhaps the best young actress of her time and had a ton of notable roles. In fact, she was nominated for three Oscars before even reaching the age of 25. But in 1981, while on a boating trip with her husband and Christopher Walken, she fell overboard and drowned.