So Brutal: Stars Who Jumped And/Or Fell to Their Deaths

Just because a celebrity is famous it doesn’t mean they are invincible. While they may seem that way while on stage or on the big screen, they are just ordinary people in real life. The grim reaper is undefeated and we will all meet our maker at one time or another. However, accidents or just plain stupidity can lead to meeting him a lot earlier than we planned and that’s exactly what happened to these stars who fell or jumped to their deaths. Many of these cases are famous and #10 is perhaps the most famous of them all.

Jerry Fuchs


Source: nydailynews

Fuchs is a famous drummer who played with a number of indie bands such as LCD Sound System and Maserati. In 2009, the drummer got stuck in an elevator and when help arrived and Fuchs tried to jump out of the elevator, his clothes got stuck and he plummeted down the elevator shaft to his death. Check out the 15th entry for another man who made his name in the music business.