Sneaky Psychics Who Raked In The Bucks: Millionaire Scammers

Whether you’re spending $1,000 an hour or simply dropping $1.99 per minute on their services, it’s no secret that psychics are still an intriguing phenomenon today. The psychic industry still manages to get a hefty amount of money (around $2 billion a year), but that doesn’t come without some backlash from the public.

Several psychics have been called out for being nothing more than crooked liars. Some of these “astonishing” clairvoyants, however, have managed to become some of the best in the business with consistent accuracy and a growing fan base, from folks living the normal life all the way to A-list celebrities.

Here are a handful of psychics who have made some serious money in their profession.

Lisa Williams (Net worth: $2 million)

Lisa Williams

Image Source: Facebook

As the granddaughter of medium Frances Glazebrook, this profession was in Lisa Williams’ blood. Williams got her big break though in 2004, after meeting Merv Griffin, though she claims she did not know who he was (slightly ironic for a medium, no?). After giving a reading to the legendary host of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, she received two shows on Lifetime: “Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead” and “Lisa Williams: Voices From the Other Side.” She also made appearances on “Deal Or No Deal” and “America’s Psychic Challenge.” She’s also published three books.