Secrets About Area 51 You Probably Haven’t Heard About

For years, Area 51 has provided conspiracy theorists with one of the greatest mysteries known to man. What exactly is the government hiding in the desert in Nevada? According to our great nation’s leaders, they aren’t hiding anything. The area they used to deny existed was revealed in 2013, along with documents revealing the “boring” activities happening there. Well, we’re not buying what the government is selling is us! Here are the secrets about Area 51 the government doesn’t want you to know about.

This Is What The Government Wants You To Think

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Basically, the government wants you to know nothing about Area 51. Because of the “Freedom of Information Act” from 2005, though, they can no longer deny the existence of suspicious installation.

Conspiracy theorists will always think the site is hiding information about alien life and technology. Others believe the site is used for testing experimental aircraft and weapons. What secrets are really hiding underneath the sand? Let’s take a peek!

Most UFO Sightings Are Because Of Area 51

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Every year countless UFO sightings are reported across the United States. According to theorists, these UFOs originate from Area 51. If you believe the government is testing alien technology at the base, then this makes perfect sense. Still, where is the military getting this technology from?

From the stars. It all started in Roswell, New Mexico when an alien spaceship supposedly crash-landed. Whatever happened then may hold the answers to what’s been happening in Nevada since.

It Could Be Where Top Secret Files Go To Die

It Could Be Where Top Secret Files Go To Die

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Try as the government might, it’s impossible to stop former employees from talking. Those brave enough to talk about life at Area 51 after getting the ax haven’t revealed a lot, but they have hinted that every government file ever is stored at the base.

This might explain while the area is so heavily guarded. It’s like using the same password for social media and email account. Only worse, much worse. Unless, of course, you have a literal army to protect it. Coming up, was the truth revealed in the 1980s?

The Truth Was Revealed In The 1980s

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In the 1980s, a man named Robert Lazar was interviewed by a Las Vegas news station and admitted he had been hired “nearby” to fix broken UFOs. Obviously, this admission was a big no-no, and Lazar quickly took his story back.

Now we don’t know what to believe! When Lazar gave his interview, he spoke with conviction and certainty. Did the government force him to take the truth back, or was he a liar looking for attention and his 15 minutes of fame?

Don’t Follow The White Bus

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Employees and contractors who work at Area 51 are not allowed to drive their personal vehicles on site. Instead, a mysterious white bus picks them at various locations, only stopping briefly at each place.

Locals who have seen the bus say it drives at reckless speeds as it transports staff to and from the base. And if you try and follow the bus on the specially paved roads, the driver will call the cops on you. Next, NASA knows the truth and you can too!

NASA Knows What’s There, But Don’t Ask Them About It

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In 1974 astronauts orbiting the Earth were taking photos for NASA when they snagged an image of Area 51. The problem is, they had been instructed to avoid taking pictures of the Nevada desert. Oops!

NASA fought the government, claiming they had rights to the accidental photo. They won and the picture was placed in quietly in the Skylab collection. It can be seen by the public. Next, we know you’ve heard of the white bus, but what about Janet Airlines?

What Is Janet Airlines?

What Is Janet Airlines?

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Just like the white bus, there is an airline that supposedly transports employees and contractors from the Las Vegas airport to Area 51. The plane travels under the name Janet Airlines and occupies a private wing at the desert’s flight hub.

In 2018, the airline posted a job opening for cabin crew, causing a stir in the community. Job requirements included the ability to handle “unusual incidents like hijackings or bomb threats.” Oh, and any applicants must also qualify for “top secret government security clearance.”

A Family Rejected A $5.2 Million Offer From The Military To Buy Their Home Six Miles From The Site

A Family Rejected A $5.2 Million Offer From The Military To Buy Their Home Six Miles From The Site

Photo Credit: Ted Soqui/Corbis via Getty Images

The Sheahan family bought the land that would become Groom Mine in 1889. Located six miles outside of Area 51, the family has been exposed to radiation, been threatened by military personnel, and have dealt with strafing gunfire. Despite it all, they refuse to move.

Most recently the family rejected $5.2 million from the military to buy the land. There are two options here. Either the Sheahans know something they aren’t supposed to, or they’re crazier than the craziest conspiracy theorists! Coming up, Google Earth spills the alien beans.

Google Earth Has A Secret To Tell

Google Earth Has A Secret To Tell

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In 2016, an image from Google Earth revealed something the government probably didn’t want us to know. Located in Area 6 of the Yucca Flat test site there’s a landing strip that stretches out for a mile.

Is this where Janet Airlines lands to drop off employees? That’s the logical assumption. The government, as they do, refuses to say what the strip is for, leading people to believe other kinds of less earthly aircraft are being tests on the landing strip.

If The Moon Landing Was Fake, This Is Where It Was Filmed

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There are thousands of theories of where the moon landing was filmed if it was faked. The most credible of those theories is Area 51. Equipment for the operation was tested in Nevada at a nuclear testing site. Videos of the astronauts before the mission even show them casually hanging out with military personnel.

One conspiracy theorist even put his money where his mouth was in 1974 and published a book calledWe Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle. But then how did the mission bring back 842 pounds of moon rock?