Royal Children: Then And Now In Photos

Recently, the internet collectively began to notice that Prince George and Princess Charlotte look as though they’ve stepped out of the annals of time, more specifically from the 1940s era. While it certainly seems as though the British family have a particular set of rules and traditions when it comes to wardrobe, the same can’t be said for royalty around the world. Check out this list of royals, then and now!

Prince William

Prince William is the eldest son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. He is line to one day ascend to the throne of King. Prince William has been in the public eye since he was born and as a young lad was often the mark of admiration from young girls around the world. With his blonde hair and blue eyes, young William could have definitely held is own against other teen heart throbs of the time. Of course, as William aged so did his looks and he ultimately settled down with a beautiful commoner named Kate Middleton. William is now very active in public life, seemingly readying himself for duties when he is older. He also often speaks about his late mother, Princess Diana.