This Guy Captures The Quirky Houses Of Belgium, And It Really Is A Sight To Behold

Back in 2011, blogger Hannes Coudenys started to take notice of some of the strange, quirky, and downright ugly architecture in the country of Belgium. He decided to start taking pictures of houses so that he could share the peculiarities of Belgian architecture with the rest of the world. That’s how his Ugly Belgian Houses blog was born.

These houses are truly outrageous. Keep reading to be blown away by bricks and mortar. Hannes’ blog became so successful that Hannes’ published a coffee table book containing all of his favorite photos from the blog in 2015.

A Swiss Cheese Spectacle

a house with circular windows and orange brick and a circle door

Hey, I thought we were in Belgium, not Sweden. This house looks like a fresh slice of swiss cheese. This would be the perfect house design for a mouse house, but this is not a house for mice. It’s a house for people. Or at least, that’s what we’ve been led to believe.

What are those tiny circular windows even for? The smallest one looks about the same size as the lamp just below it.