Politicians’ Daughters Who Are Easy On The Eyes

Politicians these days are on fire for some of their insanely awful new legislation. But, we can’t keep our eyes off their hot daughters! These are the top twenty most memorable political daughters.

Mary Anne Huntsman

Mary Anne Huntsman is beautiful daughter of former Utah governor, Jon Huntsman Jr. and is one of the more talented women on our list. Mary Anne is a famous concert pianist with a substantial following and fanbase. She is also known for her hilarious political commentary and for her social media presence.


Mary Anne and her sisters took to social media to showcase support for their father but did so in a way that was witty and funny. The sisters were mischievous, unfiltered, and full of style, according to GQ magazine. Mary Anne has currently given up her political activism to return to her roots of music. The Huntsman daughter is a member of the band, “The Ladies in Red,” which is comprised of women who support musical education in public schools.