Pictures Your Dirty Mind Thought Were Totally Legit

You’ve probably heard of optical illusions before, but my guess is that you’ve never been exposed to “optical delusions” which are very, very different. An optical delusion is when your eye sees an image in a picture because you’re mind is accustomed to seeing it.

Therefore, when you scroll through this cluster of images, pay attention to what you see first. If the first image you see is dirty, then you have a dirty mind, and while that’s not scientifically proven we’re going to go with it anyways. Enjoy these hilarious photos and get your mind out of the gutter.

There’s an especially thicc couch coming up that really stands out.

Birthday Suit

This girl thought that since she was going to a birthday party that it automatically makes it appropriate to wear a “birthday suit”. But in all seriousness, the angle and shape of the arm in front of her body had to be perfect for this picture to turn out the way it did.