Perry Mason: The Real Mysteries Behind the Scenes

Perry Mason was a fictional American legal drama series broadcasted on CBS from 1957 to 1966. It was Hollywood’s first ever hour-long weekly series for television and to this day is one TV’s longest-running and most successful legal series. It has set the bar (no pun intended) not just for legal-related shows, but all television series. It received many nominations and won numerous Emmy Awards. In 1960 was the first series to ever receive the Silver Gavel Award presented for television drama by the American Bar Association. Read on to learn some interesting stories, behind the scenes facts and unspoken scandals about America’s timeless show and characters.

The Show Was Based On A Literary Character

Most people are familiar with the never-losing, charismatic, successful defense lawyer by the name of Perry Mason from the long-running television series. However, the character was actually a literary star before he ever appeared on the screen.

The characters and stories were based on the imagination of Erle Stanley Gardner who had passed the California state bar exam and had practiced law himself. In fact, 51 of the 82 Perry novels were published prior to 1957, the year that the series was released.