One Company Finally Made A Pool Float Just For Larger-Chested Women

Okay, ladies, now let’s get in formation… because there is finally a comfortable way to lounge in the pool this summer. A company devoted to making the lives of bigger-breasted women better has taken it upon themselves to make sure we can get our tan on without feeling like we’re in the middle of a mammogram.

What started out as an April Fools joke turned into (probably) the best invention of our time. Check out the Bravissimo Lilo pool float that every woman needs in their life.

Look, Bigger Is Not Always Better

sketch of woman propping herself up on tanning bed to be comfortable

Most women of the world already know this, but just in case you weren’t aware, societies depiction of larger chests being better isn’t always true. Have you ever tried wearing a button up shirt with big knockers? Or how about going for a nice jog without wearing a military-grade sports bra?

And don’t even get us started about the inevitable back problems that come from carrying around an extra 15-25 pounds. We love all the different shapes and sizes that women come in but we have to admit, it’s harder being bigger-breasted.

Things Are Even Worse In Summer, So One Company Took A Stand

original sketch of bravissimo pool float posted on april fools

If you thought living day-to-day was hard, things get even worse in the summer. Good luck finding a bathing suit top that will provide support and look cute, and don’t forget about the underboob sweat. But by far, the worst part of summer for the bigger-breasted ladies of the world is that it’s impossible to get a good tan because it’s so painful to lay on your stomach.

Well, the company Bravissimo decided to find a solution to our tanning woes, and it’s so much better than you thought.

No, The Initial Design Wasn’t A Joke

pink pool float sitting beside pool

Bravissimo is a company that was founded in 1995 that is entirely devoted to celebrating, inspiring, and creating products specifically for larger-chested women. On April 1, they posted a sketch to their social media pages of a pool float that had a section cut out for women to rest comfortably in.

What started out as a giggle in the Bravissimo office was met by a ton of underwire support by their followers. Their followers started begging the company to make their April Fool’s joke come true, so they got to work.

Bravissimo Actually Made It Happen

girl standing in bathing suit beside bravissimo pool float product

Bravissimo was used to making swimsuits, bras, and clothing products for larger-chested women, but had never undertaken a pool float. The women of the company got to work making sure the added “cup holders” had room for everyone, was comfortable, and actually worked.

Fast-forward a few months and the Bravissimo Lilo with “cup holders” for women to rest in is live and available to order on the website for the reasonable price of only $32 USD.

Everyone Approves Of The Pool Float

puppy laying in cup holders part of bravissimo pool float

Just like the original social media post, people have gone wild for the actual product. Some commentators have even said they want to use the pool float as an air mattress or bring it to their next massage appointment.

By the looks of the Bravissimo Instagram page and the hashtag #BravissimoGirls, customers are loving it. Even dogs are showing the love for the “cup holders” cut out! What do you think? Finally, the bigger-chested ladies of the world can have the relaxing summer they deserve.