North America Is Full Of Lost Treasure Waiting To Be Found

History is chock-full of stories about abundant treasures left behind by pirates, rascals, and thieves. While not all of these tales turn out to be true, the ones that are legitimate indicate that there are billions of dollars worth of treasure scattered throughout North America. And it’s just waiting to be discovered.

From the gold bullion at the bottom of Lake Michigan to the ciphertexts that hold the location of $43 million in Virginia, these long-lost treasures are still up for grabs. Some people have even died while attempting to find them.

There’s $140 Million Sitting At The Bottom Of Lake Michigan

Photo by Trevor Brown, Jr./NCAA Photos via Getty Images.
Photo by Trevor Brown, Jr./NCAA Photos via Getty Images.

More than $140 million in Confederate gold bullion is sitting at the bottom of Lake Michigan, some historians believe. In 1865, Union soldiers stole millions of dollars in gold bullion from Confederate President Jefferson Davis after he was captured and imprisoned.

The stolen bullion was put in a boxcar and smuggled north to Michigan and loaded onto a ferry. Historians believe inclement weather forced the crew to offload cargo, unknowingly including the boxcar of bullion. Today, the treasure has yet to be found despite an ongoing search.