News Anchors Gone Wild – Female News Anchors Going Overboard

One should expect their local news anchors to conduct themselves in the highest professional capacity possible. News anchors deliver a broad range of news topics, from the worst and most gruesome stories to humorous and light-hearted stories. A person would not expect for their local anchor to become a news story that they would report on their respective stations. These ladies not only became news stories, but they have also boosted their own brand and gained at least 15 minutes of fame from their antics.

Alina Moine Gets a Little More Skirt Than Needed

The most unexpected things tend to occur on camera. There was a news segment that occurred with news presenter Alina Moine on live television and she could attest that accidents do indeed happen. An innocent adjustment of Aline’s garment led to an unexpected view of what lies underneath.

Alina Moine was covering the Olympics that took place in Rio De Janeiro on Fox Sports. She was standing by Maxi Palma. Maxi Palma was conducting the news segment as Alina was standing by. At one point in the program as Maxi is speaking, Alina adjust her dress, but she ends up catching what might have been a nail on her dress, which exposed her torso and undergarments.

Fat Shaming Occurs Live on Air at KTLA

Sometimes joking can be appropriate at the right moment when it comes to news anchors. These jokes are usually light-hearted jokes that are not aimed at things such as body issues.

On a certain broadcast at KTLA, a little body shaming went a little too far. Sam Rubin was doing a report on air. As he was conducting his story, a certain traffic anchor was sitting in the traffic center. This anchor was minding her own business at first, talking about how Sam’s wife believes that he is fat. The anchor “he’s always been” the fat guy on air while he was doing his story. She did not realize her mic was on and the camera caught it all.

Georgie Talks about a “Long Stabby Thing”

Security is a very important aspect of life. Living in dangerous times requires one to be vigilant and on guard for almost anything. People with families should be especially vigilant when it comes to protecting their loved ones. Some people have guns and other sorts of weapons. There is one weapon that you may not have ever heard of, and that is a long stabby thing.

Karl Stefanovic was discussing on the Today Show in Australia about a door being open at his house. Karl said that he has a “long stabby thing” by his door. When Georgie Gardener was asked what she had to protect her family, she said, “Well Tim [her spouse] has a long stabby thing.”

A News Woman Takes off Some of Her Wardrobe on the Air

Things may not appear as they seem on television. There may be some strings that are pulled by some stations when it comes to falling ratings. You may sometimes wonder why some news anchors do outrageous things. Would they be doing this on accident or is there some other type of motivation behind the things that they do?

One particular station in Mexico had a news segment and the segment just happened to go way overboard during one particular broadcast. A male news anchor was delivering the news and he pitched it over to a lady who may be a meteorologist. The woman got up and walked over to the weather screen. She then started taking off articles of clothing, to the guy’s enjoyment. This was one of the most bizarre segments ever.

Georgie Does It Again with Women Parking Spaces This Time

Georgie Gardner seems to be headed for fame and fortune in the comedy business. She is a news anchor and television personality in Australia on the Today Show. She is quite popular among the morning crowd and she gets away with a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor on the show.

On one particular show of the Today Show, there was a segment about personal parking spaces just for women. These parking spaces were known as “She Spots.” These parking spots had lines and a skirt drawn on the ground where the parking spaces are. Georgie Gardner then says, “I’m going to ask Channel 9 for a G-Spot.” The panel erupts in laughter afterward.

What in the World Was Sara Eisen Doing with Her Dress?

What you do at your own desk is your business, kind of. Expect the unexpected when you are at work and you will be fine. Although a person may have their own cubicle or even office, this does not entitle them to total privacy, especially when you should obviously be focusing on your job.

A certain news segment featured a cameraman walking around a newsroom and a reporter talking to the patrons of the newsroom. One woman was asked a question and was interviewed briefly. The next woman to appear on camera as the moving cameraman was roaming around was news anchor Sara Eisen. As the camera man focused on her, she had her dress up and had something that looked like a garter on adjusting it. Sara looked up and her eyes bulged out as she realized that she was being filmed. She quickly covered up her legs due to the embarrassment.

Sue Simmons Drops the F-Bomb Live on Air

A news anchor person should never expect their microphone to be off at any given time. Most of these news anchors get caught on camera because their microphones are still on for everyone to hear what they are saying. Poor Sue Simmons had to figure this out the hard way during a live broadcast.

On May 12, 2008, Sue Simmons was doing a teaser about saving money at a grocery store. She said, “At eleven paying more at the grocery but getting less we will tell you how to get the most.” The screen then showed a large cruise liner. Sue more than likely thought that her microphone was off and something unexpected happened. Sue Simmons all of a sudden said “What the [expletive] are you doing!” live on the air. Sue then apologized on the same broadcast shortly thereafter.

Hot Women Can Boost in Ratings

As mentioned earlier, some television stations have fallen in the rating department and they need to desperately do something in order to get views. There are all sorts of tactics that have been employed over the years in order to gain views. Sometimes you have to do some of the wildest and craziest antics in order to get those desired ratings.

Victoria Lopez is a news anchor who works in Mexico. The news station that she works for apparently needed views. That particular news station decided to have her dress in an unorthodox way in order to deliver the weather report. It definitely seems to have worked.

Megyn Kelly Slips up with Mike Huckabee

The political climate is literally out of control and has been out of control for several years now. Sometimes people cannot hide their views about politics. The political party that a person is opposed to might come out in the strangest of ways. Megyn Kelly might have had an opposing view with a politician by the name of Mike Huckabee.

Megyn Kelly had her Freudian slip moment when she did an interview with former Arkansas Governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. She introduced Mike Huckabee on the show when she had a slip of the tongue. She said his last name as [F-Bomb]abee instead of Huckabee. Mike Huckabee gave a smile after she said this as Megyn Kelly corrected herself.

Heather Holmes and Her Snot Snack!

It is important to get three square meals a day in order to function properly. Some people squeeze in a few snacks in between these meals. One should never go out into the cold without being prepared also as one could end up with a runny nose and be hungry when conducting a news segment.

Heather Holmes was doing a report in the cold about Miley Cyrus. She was to report on Miley Cyrus’ many stage exploits and over-the-top performances. As the news segment was being conducted, Heather all of a sudden got a runny nose. Instead of grabbing some tissue, she instead ate the snotty contents running from her nose on live television.

A Touching Photo of Rebecca Grant

Rebecca Grant was considered to be one of the sexiest women in sports broadcasting. She is also an actress and she was involved in a bit of a kerfuffle because of something she did off camera. Although she was not broadcasting when she was “caught,” it did cause a bit of controversy for her.

Sports played a big part in Rebecca Grant’s life and it would only make sense that she attended a game to probably get more of an insight for her news assignment. She was in the crowd at a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game. She was wearing a low-top and was caught on camera grabbing her chest. The picture made its rounds on Twitter.

Carley Gordon Falls Because of a Fish

Fear can be your friend, or it can be your enemy. The late boxing trainer Cus D’amato said that a fighter could benefit from fear by making it work for you. He also said that it can also hurt you if you let it get out of control. Carley Gordon just happened to be on a boat and holding a large fish. Could she master the fish or would the fish master her?

Carley Gordon happened to be doing a news segment where she was on a boat with a gentleman. She was holding a 12-pound carp fresh out of the water by the tail. All of a sudden the fish started squirming around and Carley fell back onto the captain of the boat. She even fell into the man’s lap.

Lisa Sutton is Not Singing on Air, People

Sometimes good intentions can lead to bad results, especially when you have a reputation for sneaking in perverted innuendos on live television. Lisa Dutton is an anchor with the Global Saskatoon Morning News. She had a segment on how teething babies should brush their teeth. Her intentions were good but her results were seen as perverse innuendo.

Lisa Dutton just happened to show how she brushed her child’s teeth. She then started making a brushing gesture. Her intentions were innocent, but by the looks of her co-anchor, it turned sour. She went on to say, (referring to the brushing of the teeth), “He took the big, fat rubber end of my vibrating toothbrush and put it in his mouth,” said Dutton. This was taken as innuendo, especially with the motion that she was making with her hands.

The Over-the-Shoulder Boulder Holder Can Serve as a Gas Mask

This particular news incident was made just for laughs and entertainment. This was obviously planned by the news station anchors because they seemed to be having too much fun airing the segment. This particular segment took place during the Christmas season and a little light-hearted humor was apropos for this situation.

Erin Burnett made an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and the actual topic was related to jobless claims. The topic went into another humorous direction when Mark Haines gave Erin Burnett a present. She took out a red bra and put it on her face and said that it doubles as a gas mask.

A Possible Wardrobe Malfunction (But Not Quite)

Appearances can be deceiving. Something looks like it may pop out, but that malfunction does not quite come to fruition. Some people want to put a little swag in their appearance in order to catch someone’s eye. This may have been the case with Laila Abid. She seems to try to catch the eye of her audience with her beautiful gifts, so to speak.

Laila Abid is a journalist, television presenter, and a news anchor. She looks like she is about to have a wardrobe malfunction, as some women who showed a little, or a lot, more than expected happened to show some unexpected parts.

No One Warned Lourdes About Her Slightly Exposed Chest

No one warned Lourdes Maldonado about the possible wardrobe malfunction that could have occurred on the air. There was another news anchor by her and he could have warned her about the possible wardrobe malfunction.

Lourdes Maldonado was conducting business as usual on a particular broadcast. She kept talking and for some reason, no one bothered to tell her that her blouse was opened at the chest area. The male anchor was trying not to look at the partial wardrobe malfunction but he could not resist. He could have warned her that her blouse was partially opened. If a fan would have been blowing it would have revealed something underneath.

Patti Ann Browne Was Aware of a Possible Wardrobe Malfunction

Some of the ladies that have appeared I this article were unaware of a possible wardrobe malfunction. Some women had an accidental wardrobe malfunction. Some of the women have actually had wardrobe malfunctions on camera. Patti Ann Brown was fortunate as she could have had her wardrobe malfunction moment.

Patti Ann did a particular segment on Red Eye on the Fox News Channel. Patti is known for her impressive appearance on television. She just happened to be wearing an outfit to show off her bountiful curves in the photo above. She just happened to catch herself as she was almost exposed on a broadcast. Luckily she caught herself just in time.

More Teens Are Having …. Luck Finding Jobs According to Holly Pietrzak

One of the most embarrassing things that can ever happen to you is to have a Freudian slip. You have probably had this type of moment where you mean to say one thing and then another thing comes out by accident. You do not mean to do this, but you make a mistake with a minor slip of the tongue.

When this happens on television, it can either be funny or bring shame to a person, especially a news anchor. Holly Pietrzak of WDBJ7 of Southwest Virginia did this very thing in 2011. She said on live television, “More teens are having [expletive] aha- ha having luck rather finding summer jobs.” Talk about a slip!

Big Things Cannot Be Contained!

Some people say less is more when it comes to certain topics. This definitely did not apply to news anchor Marika Fruscio during a broadcast on Channel 7 in Italy. She showed a little too much when she had an actual wardrobe malfunction on live television.

Marika was wearing a low-cut dress to start things off. The chest area of the dress could barely contain her gigantic chest. She had a co-anchor who just happened to be a male was sitting there doing the news as well. As she is conversing with this male news anchor, one part of her chest escaped. She caught it and put it back in its place.

Never Jump Up When You Are Weighed Down

A rule of thumb for news anchors everywhere: if you plan to exercise online, please wear the proper clothing. An unfortunate incident occurred on live television in Romania with the buxom Roxana Vancea and her exercise on television.

Roxana Vancea seemed to be in great spirits during one broadcast when she was reporting the weather in Romania. She did the weather as normal at first. She might have been explaining something along the line of exercising outside in the good weather. Roxana then started jogging and did so to the point where certain body parts were exposed. Since she’s pretty well-endowed, it’s not surprising that jogging caused a major wardrobe malfunction. We’re guessing her male fans were not disappointed this day. .

Leg Slip Leaves Liberals Outraged

Women don’t have the luxury of letting their legs relax any kind of way they want to like men. Especially if they are wearing a skirt or dress, you can expect for those legs of theirs to be crossed in a proper and polite manner. For one Kimberly Guilfoyle, she got caught at the wrong time with her legs in a compromising position.

Not only is she thought to be one of the best-looking anchors on FOX but this just caused more ruckus among the liberal community. She was trying to throw a football in that red dress and she tried to sit down, she lifted her leg too high and full upskirt took place. Liberals called for more censorship on TV and were just quite outspoken about the whole scene in general.