News Anchors Gone Wild – Female News Anchors Going Overboard

One should expect their local news anchors to conduct themselves in the highest professional capacity possible. News anchors deliver a broad range of news topics, from the worst and most gruesome stories to humorous and light-hearted stories. A person would not expect for their local anchor to become a news story that they would report on their respective stations. These ladies not only became news stories, but they have also boosted their own brand and gained at least 15 minutes of fame from their antics.

Heather Holmes and Her Snot Snack!

It is important to get three square meals a day in order to function properly. Some people squeeze in a few snacks in between these meals. One should never go out into the cold without being prepared also as one could end up with a runny nose and be hungry when conducting a news segment.


Heather Holmes was doing a report in the cold about Miley Cyrus. She was to report on Miley Cyrus’ many stage exploits and over-the-top performances. As the news segment was being conducted, Heather all of a sudden got a runny nose. Instead of grabbing some tissue, she instead ate the snotty contents running from her nose on live television.