Most Inappropriate Reactions To Meeting Royal And Famous Celebrities

These moments between fans and the celebrities and royals they love are embarrassing, offensive and completely shocking for one party or the other. There are moments of breast-grabbing, vomit, tears, lies, dinner disruptions, and even marriage proposals. You can easily imagine that celebrities have experienced just about every possible iteration of a come-on, butt-smacking, rude wake-up call, and indecent proposal you can possibly think of (and quite a few you just don’t even want to fathom).

The Unexpected Selfie


Celebrities are people too, so if you treat them as fellow human beings, you may be surprised by how far they’ll go to return the favor. Rude and abusive behavior just won’t get you very far, unless you really want to be dragged off, receive the shrugged off and/or just get that blank-annoyed stare. Either way, you can learn all the details of the most embarrassing encounters right here.