Most Iconic Celebrity Potheads

The stars have always seemed to love a little bit of the green stuff and with the stress of being constantly hounded by paparazzi who could blame them? Explore a list of the most iconic celebrity pot users of all time.

Willie Nelson

What would a list of celebrities who enjoy weed be without Willie Nelson? Willie has been performing music since the 1950s and still performed even in recent years. He has been arrested multiple times over the years for marijuana possession. Most recently in 2010 in the town of Sierra Blanca, Texas.


This town is notorious for stopping tour busses of various musicians and celebrities traveling through the city and arresting them. Others that have been arrested in the town include Fiona Apple, Snoop Dogg, actor Armie Hammer, and rapper Nelly. Willie recently took to social media to show off his new Christmas sweater gifted to him by fellow pot head and friend, Snoop Dogg.