Memorable Sexy Swimsuit Movie Moments

When you think of women in bikinis, you think of toned abs, long legs, and everything virtuous about the female anatomy. This phenomenon is reflected in television and movies. Some movies are memorable because of the characters or the storyline. The following movies became memorable for many reasons, but let’s just focus on the hot ladies in scantily clad bikinis, okay?

Kate Bosworth – Blue Crush


Many actors and actresses look for their first break in order to achieve fame and fortune in Hollywood. This type of occurrence may take years to obtain. The feeling of getting that break is perhaps the best feeling in the world and something that an actor or actress cannot describe.

It is one thing to get a break, and another to completely rock the audience with your performance and good looks. Kate Bosworth just happened to do this in the film The Blue Crush. Bosworth reportedly worked out for several hours a day for a few months to get that bikini body, including of course, surfing. It definitely paid off.