Women Behind The Wheel: Meet The Ladies Of The Monster Truck Jam

If you thought that monster trucks were made for men, think again. There are plenty of ladies who compete alongside the guys on the Monster Jam Tour. These women grew up competing in motorsports and love working on their vehicles when they’re home. While many of them freely admit that they never travel without their “entire wardrobe” and a big bag of makeup, they never hesitate to give it their all once they’re buckled in behind the wheel. Meet the fierce ladies who drive monster trucks, and try not to feel inadequate.

Kayla “Blood” Granger Can Handle Her Own in the Octagon


Hailing from Louisiana, Kayla “Blood” Granger first started out competing and driving ATVs. She was inspired by the monster truck drivers she saw on TV, especially Tom Meents and Madusa. When Kayla was offered a chance to test drive a monster truck, she enthusiastically accepted.

She now drives the Soldier Fortune monster truck and has been competing in the Monster Jam since 2016. Kayla earned her nickname “Blood” while she trained in the MMA gym. Her fellow fighters said she was “out for blood.”