M*A*S*H: Amazing Facts From The Hugely Popular TV Show

MASH was a beloved series that ran for 11 seasons on CBS. Based on Roger Altman’s film about the Korean War – and thinly veiled critique of the Vietnam War – the television show would go on to break viewership records and win numerous awards during its historic run. It still has quite a large fan base today.

But you probably know all about that. What you might not realize is the fascinating history of the show during and after its broadcast run.

From behind-the-scenes creative frustrations to life after MASH, here are some really interesting facts about the show that generations of Americans have come to love.

Radar Is Now A Wildlife Painter

Image Source: Anonymous
Image Source: Anonymous

Gary Burghoff, the actor behind the Radar O’Reilly character in both the MASH film and TV show, is now a self-taught wildlife painter. Burghoff took his childhood love of animals and lifelong commitment to wildlife as a basis for his art. “I’m hoping to make the viewer see the beauty and soul of the animal,” he told The New York Times in 2004.