Looking For A Job in SD? These Are The Hottest Employment Markets

If you don’t want to take the plunge and move to Silicon Valley, another Californian city might be the perfect place to go for work. San Diego has recently been seen as the best city to live in for technology jobs. Also, the weather ain’t too shabby either if you’re down for sunny weather and mild temperatures all year long.


Health-related wireless technology is making a huge impact on the San Diego economy, similar to how it has taken off over the last few decades in Silicon Valley or San Francisco. Silicon Valley is currently king when it comes to Social Media, and app startups, and San Diego is following suit with its own entrance into the high-tech job world. According to sources from the SD Regional DC, San Diego’s recent wireless technology has grown by over 3.1% and created over 39,700 jobs.

For those who are wondering what wireless technology is, it’s actually fairly simple and easy to understand. Wireless technology, specifically wireless health technology, is used in diagnosing and treating illness faster and requires less energy. These wireless technologies allow patients to treat diseases with more precision but also cost less for hospitals.

This particular industry and focus is unique to San Diego right now, due to property value. Compared to Silicon Valley, San Diego property is relatively low priced and companies are finding it easier to begin low costing startups. But, companies are also flocking to sunny San Diego for the talented people and industries who are living there. Once one biotech company is successful in the area, others are more likely to try to pick up talent in the surrounding area.

Jay Alexander, a businessman and JLL managing director states, “San Diego is very entrepreneurial. San Diego at the forefront of all things wired.”

The other key reason San Diego is taking off is because of smaller division startups. After the corporate restructuring of large companies occur, smaller divisions are created to save money. These smaller divisions of formerly larger companies are now hiring people in San Diego, promoting new business. One of Sony’s smaller branches named Daybreak Games is an example of a small San Diego division.

Apart from health, San Diego is now leading the nation in defense weaponry and technology used for wireless drones. Unmanned aircraft systems are being used by other countries in times of war, but also for other company purposes.

Currently, the United States is directly employing 328,000 people in the San Diego region under the defense industry. According to the SD Regional EDC, around 18,000 more jobs will be created in the defense system, particularly in war efforts which use technology. While other SoCal economies are going down, San Diego’s aerospace and weaponry fields have gone up in employment by 67 percent.


San Diego is one of the most beautiful places in California, but it is now the center for many technology and defense businesses. This area is said to grow beyond the wealth of Silicon Valley and is the next place you should go for a great work opportunity.