Lizzo Opens Up About How She Discovered Her Musical Style

Lizzo is taking the world by storm and part of the reason is her unique style of music. She can rap, sing, and even play the flute on stage. She recently opened up to Billboard about how she created this unique style of music.

Originally, she saw herself as a successful musician similar to Björk.

“I saw myself as a successful musician, and I visualized it like, ‘Man, I want to have a career like Björk, where I can put out albums and do exclusive shows and do a whole flute album like that b****did,” said Lizzo.

After performing at the VMAs she realized that her unique sound is what gave her power in her music.

“There’s that pop moment when people can’t really replace you. They’re like, ‘What is this? I can only get this here.’ … That’s that good s***,” said Lizzo.

After producing songs “My Skin” and “En Love” she realized she didn’t want to be confined by a genre and they helped her “discover who [she] was”.

“I can do anything, you know?” said Lizzo.”You want a polished, choreographed performance? I can give you that. You want a wild rock’n’roll show? I can give you that. You want to feel like you’re in church? I can give you that.”

Looks like Lizzo’s powerhouse career shows no signs of slowing down. We’re excited to see what she comes up with next.