Lisa Bonet And Jason Momoa’s Relationship Is Strange

When Jason Momoa debuted as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, people started scouring the Internet to find out who this guy was. They discovered that he was in a loving relationship with the one and only Lisa Bonet, with whom he already had two children. Of course, this posed many questions about the ambiguous nature of their relationship – especially after the revelation that they only just tied the knot in 2017!

That’s not the only strange aspect of their relationship. Read on to find out more about their interesting marriage and what this Jason Momoa guy is all about!

Wait until you find out about their first night together!

Momoa Made Plans To Stalk Bonet Since His Youth

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Everyone remembers Lisa Bonet’s breakthrough role as Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show. Like many of us, Momoa picked cool older sister Denise as their favorite Huxtable. But for the Aquaman actor, it was a full-blown crush.

Momoa appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden where he revealed the first time he laid eyes on Bonet: “I saw her on TV and I was like, ‘Mommy, I want that one.’ I was like, ‘I’m going to stalk you for the rest of my life, and I’m going to get you.’ I’m a full-fledged stalker.”

Their Marriage Was Kept Under Wraps

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Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa met through mutual friends in 2005. In 2007, Bonet gave birth to their first child, Lola, and had their second, Nakoa-Wolf, the following year. Ever since Lola was born, Momoa referred to Bonet in the press as his “wife,” leading many to believe that they secretly married in 2007.

Quite the contrary, Momoa and Bonet apparently weren’t officially husband and wife until 2017! Sources told Us Weekly that the couple purchased a marriage license on October 2, 2017, a week before they privately exchanged vows at their home in Topanga, California.

Bonet Likes It “Caveman Style”

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From the moment they met, Bonet and Momoa knew it was love. In 2004, Bonet was with friends at a Los Angeles jazz club where Momoa also happened to be with his friends. Momoa told TV host James Corden that he felt “fireworks” when Bonet introduced herself to him.

Later that night, Bonet and Momoa found themselves at a café where he ordered grits and Bonet ordered a Guinness – Momoa’s favorite beer of all time. Bonet told Porter magazine: “In that moment, love came and it came big… He basically picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, caveman style!”

Of course, Lisa already had a daughter. Jason would turn out to develop a close relationship with his stepdaughter…

They Don’t Own A Television


Momoa and Bonet make a living appearing on the big and small screens as actors but apparently, they don’t even own a TV! Bonet told Essence magazine that they don’t own a television because of their kids: “I feel strongly about remaining as media-free as we can. I really want to cultivate my children’s imaginations.”

Despite that, they do own a computer and Bonet admits that there’s at least one show she and hubby Momoa like to watch – Saturday Night Live. Still, Bonet is far removed from technology, even saying, “I’ve never been on Facebook. It’s just not on my radar.”

Bonet Is Still Pretty Tight With Her Ex-Husband


Lisa Bonet was only 20 years old when she married her first husband, rocker Lenny Kravitz, with whom she shares daughter Zoë Kravitz. Their whirlwind romance ended after just six years, but there is no ill will or bad blood between them. In fact, they’re so close that Kravitz spends many family dinners with Bonet and Momoa and their kids.

Bonet even shocked everyone in 2015 when she attended the Met Gala Ball with her ex. Lenny Kravitz once revealed on Oprah’s Master Class, “Zoë’s mom and I now are best friends. When we’re all together now – [Momoa], her kids, Zoë, me… we’re one big, happy family.”

Momoa Has Matching “Drunk” Tattoos With His Stepdaughter

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Jason Momoa isn’t pictured often with his stepdaughter Zoë, but the two apparently share a very close bond. Zoë publicly refers to her stepfather as “Papa Bear” and they’re so close that they even have matching tattoos with Momoa’s GoT co-star Jamie Sives.

In 2016, the three of them got tattoos along their right forearms that read “être toujours ivre,” which in French translates to, “to always be drunk.” Though most people would think it’s weird to get a tattoo about being drunk with your parents, this tattoo was likely a reference poet Charles Baudelaire’s admission that being “drunk” on life will get you through hard times.

Jason’s relationship with Zoë is only proof that he’s a good father. But when it comes to picking names, he and Lisa have interesting tastes…

Bonet Has Stuck With Momoa Through Discouraging Moments

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Of course, no relationship is completely perfect and we’re sure that Bonet and Momoa have had their fair share of bumps along the way. In fact, Momoa came under fire in 2017 after footage of him at a Comic-Con panel from 2011 resurfaced. In the clip, Momoa jokes about “taking advantage” of “beautiful women” – at the time he was playing Drogo on Game of Thrones.

Momoa issued a genuine apology and Bonet has continued to stick by his side. “She’s so amazing because I’m such a [expletive],” he told Huffington Post.

Bonet Watched Momoa’s Love Scenes Without His Consent

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Momoa and Bonet obviously share quite a close relationship, but there are some things that the former just can’t go through with. The actor refuses to watch his wife’s love scenes. “I just don’t really wanna see certain things… I love her, it’s our job, but I gotta (separate it),” he told Entertainment Tonight Canada.

Momoa didn’t even want Bonet to watch his intimate scenes with Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones – but she did it anyway behind his back. He later said, “First time my wife ever told me I was amazing… she stayed up all night, watching the whole thing, and was obsessed!”

They Like Complicated Names


Bonet and Momoa’s first-born is named Lola Iolani. Momoa’s mom made an announcement on the actor’s site that “Iolani” means “royal hawk” and that they chose the name because “there were hawks flying around [overhead] during the birth.” But Lola’s name is quite simple compared to her little brother’s: Nako-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha.

Momoa’s mom returned to the actor’s site to explain parts of the elaborate name: “Nakoa (warrior)… Mana (strength/spirit) Kaua (rain) po (dark).” We can only imagine how many substitute teachers are going to mess this kid’s name up!

Momoa and Bonet obviously have a solid relationship, but the actor had to go through a lot to get to where he is today as you’ll find out next…

Momoa Had A Hard Time After One Role

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Jason Momoa has worked hard to go from Game of Thrones, to Frontier, to eventually landing the lead role in Aquaman. But like every great acting career, it has to start somewhere – no matter how small. Momoa got his start with a role on Baywatch, which apparently didn’t help at all.

“I love that it gave me the opportunity to fall in love with acting, but it also really, really hurt me, being on it. Just because it’s Baywatch, people don’t think you can act… No one would take me seriously,” Momoa told Movieline.

Momoa Is More Than His Muscles


For someone who started out on Baywatch and whose roles in film regularly see him shirtless, it’s no surprise that Jason Momoa is mostly known for his body. “People are like, ‘Momoa’s got his shirt off again!’ It’s not funny! I grew up in the Midwest. I’m raised to actually think, to use my brain,” he once told New York Post.

When Momoa started college, he started out as a marine biology major. After transferring to Colorado State University, he studied wildlife biology. In addition to being a Paris-trained painter, Momoa also plays guitar and drums.

It Wasn’t Easy Being Forcefu

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Momoa may not have wanted Bonet to watch his intimate scenes in Game of Thrones, but was surprised to see how impressed his wife was by them. Perhaps he didn’t want her to see them because of how hard they were to film.

“It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, because I love Emilia, she’s someone that I love and adore to this day. You have to kind of separate [yourself from] it… Lots of kisses and ‘I’m sorry’ afterwards. It’s horrible, but Khal Drogo, that’s what he does,” Momoa told MTV in 2011.

It’s trendy these days to get a slit of hair shaved out of your eyebrow, but Jason Momoa got his involuntarily…

Momoa’s Into Extreme Sports…


At six-foot-four and over 200 pounds, Jason Momoa is obviously built for a spot on an NFL team, but sports like wrestling and football weren’t really the actor’s thing growing up. He was more into extreme sports and even turned down a scholarship offer in Colorado because he thought he’d be climbing mountains more than he would attend class.

He still went to Colorado to climb and snowboard. But after seeing the surf movie In God’s Hands, Momoa was swayed to his family’s origins in Hawaii to surf. “I’d never done that. Your legs are just shaking, it’s just so much adrenaline,” he told ESPN.

But He Isn’t Into The Gym


Momoa may not like everyone focusing on his body so much, but how could you not? Surprisingly though, the actor hardly goes to the gym and didn’t even start lifting weights until 2010 when his role on Conan the Barbarian prompted an increase in muscle size.

“It’s very hard sometimes to just work out. It’s monotonous and you can get stuck in a rut. I get bored, so I do a lot more boxing, surging, climbing – I do the things I love to do when I’m not training for a role,” he told Men’s Health in 2018.

The Truth About His Incomplete Eyebrow

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Momoa may have landed a lot of menacing roles due to his size and acting abilities, but it also helped that he often looked the part. Many fans notice a scar above his left eye and while many think that he has some cool story behind it, the truth is that he was actually assaulted.

Momoa believes that he was targeted because his attacker was taking part in a “gang initiation.” “A guy smashed a pint of glass in my face. I got a little over 140 stitches in my face,” he told Access Hollywood.

That’s not the only thing that makes Momoa look intimidating. You won’t believe what he asked his friend to do for him!

Momoa Wants To Transcend Acting

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Jason Momoa also has other ambitions beyond acting. The actor founded his own production company called Pride of Gypsies. “I have tons of amazing writers, friends, directors, actors… and we all go out and shoot movies. That’s what we want to do. We love to tell stories,” he told Huffington Post.

His extra-curricular interests even inspired him to direct his own movie in 2014 called Road to Paloma. Momoa made the indie film on a limited budget of $600,000 and called on friends and family for help, which is why wife Lisa Bonet is a co-star.

Momoa Looked To The Polynesians For GoT

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Jason Momoa may be overwhelmingly large and intimidating, but he still had to prove to Game of Thrones casting directors that he could actually play the part too. In his audition for Khal Drogo, Momoa took a cue from the Maori culture by performing “the haka.”

The Maori are the aboriginal peoples of the Polynesian islands. Maori warriors would perform “haka,” a traditional series of chants and movements to prepare for battle. “It’s very, very powerful, and I wanted to capture that. I just thought it was apt for the role because it’s beautiful and scary,” he once said.

He Pretty Much Asked For It


As for looking rugged for roles, Momoa didn’t think what he already had was enough when he was cast in the lead role for Conan the Barbarian. The actor thought that for a movie as violent as Conan, he ought to have a roughed up face so he asked his friend to clock him.

“I wanted to have my nose broken for this role but wasn’t sure how to accomplish it,” he told Sun-Times. “My buddy did it right away… he said, ‘You don’t have to ask me twice. Done deal.'”

People Thought He Couldn’t Speak English

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Though Jason Momoa overcame the stigma surrounding his stint on Baywatch, he found difficulty landing roles again after he became known for his role as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones. He was certainly farther along on his acting career, but after GoT he couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t getting any jobs.

He finally found out the reason when he met Portlandia’s Fred Armisen, who was surprised that Momoa spoke English. “It was heartbreaking. I was like ‘That’s why I’m not getting any jobs!'” he told Jimmy Fallon when he appeared on The Tonight Show.

Maybe It Is Only The Beginning

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for 2014 Sarasota Film Festival

Momoa’s growing fan base could hardly wait for the actor’s next moves, which is why they were especially excited when he announced he was working on a remake of the 1994 drama The Crow. But in 2018, fans got a crushing blow when Momoa and director Corin Hardy announced their exit from the project.

Not only were they facing creative and financial differences with their producer, Samuel Hadida, but Hadida also failed to secure a deal with Sony Pictures who was supposed to distribute the film. Still, with his Aquaman acclaim, you can bet that Momoa’s career is just getting started.