Learning The Parenting Ropes One Laugh At A Time

Parenting is an adventure you begin with little idea of what to expect. You can watch others parent, you can read about childhood development, but you just don’t know what your kid is going to be like or what kind of mom or dad you will be until you bring that bundle of joy home.

Trying To Get Along


Unless you’re one of those perfect nuclear families with a white picket fence and a cute little dog, you probably have or know a family with siblings that don’t always get along with one another. While some kids grow up to be best friends with their brothers or sisters, there are always those moments when fighting is inevitable.

Take these two characters. The younger one, a little girl, is fighting off tears. Her big brother doesn’t seem too happy either. What’s a mom to do with two fighting kids? Make them share a t-shirt that forces them to spend some time together. We give her a gold star for parenting!

#6 Shows you what’s actually going on when it’s a little too quiet.