I’ll Have Another! Bartenders Reveal What Your Drink Order Says About You

Going out for a night on the town with your friends and throwing back a few drinks never hurt anybody. It’s a fun way to unwind after a long week or a long day. Maybe you’ll get a couple of beers, perhaps some shots or even a mojito to take the edge off and have a good time. Have you ever stopped to wonder what these drinks say about you? Well, bartenders associate certain stereotypes with specific drink orders. Many mixologists shared on Reddit what it means when someone orders these drinks. Find out what that crazy Long Island iced tea says about you.

Vodka Drinks Aren’t Seen As Good

vodka soda
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Kyle Siegel, a bartender from New York with nine years of experience shares what he thinks about vodka drinks coming from women. “Friends don’t let friends date vodka-soda girls. Basic girls always order them,” he said.

That seems a little harsh coming from Siegal, but he’s been in the business for nine years so he’s more than likely seen his fair share of “basic girls” who come in and order the drink often so we aren’t going to question the man.

Go Old Fashioned

old fashioned
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An old fashioned is a drink of class. They aren’t too hard to make but pack a subtle yet powerful punch. Consuming one can put you on a good level while you’re out enjoying the night.

Bartender Reddit user mukkalikka22 says, “Old fashioned: either someone who knows their booze really well, or not at all and they want to look sophisticated.” Meaning, next time you go out, know what you’re getting yourself into before you ask for one of these puppies.

Think Twice Before That Absinthe Shot…

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Jennifer Sun, a bartender with five years of experience in New Haven, Connecticut broke down the meaning of some shots. While some shots are less frowned upon than others, there is one that stands out about the rest as a clear perception concealer so to speak. Meaning, your fate becomes sealed once you order a shot of absinthe.

“If you order shots of absinthe, then I figure you’re insane and a cheapskate drunkard,” Sun said. Wow, that’s two low blows to all the absinthe orderers.

Ordering Expensive Shots? Cool…

carmen shot
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Ordering shots is an easy and quick way to get drunk. That’s the point, you want to take the fast route to have a good night, so why waste money on the expensive liquor for this? It only lasts for half a second.

“You look stupid when you order expensive shots,” a former bartender from New York with 10 years of experience revealed. “The whole point is to get it down quickly — you’re not enjoying the quality.”

The Long Island Massacre

long island
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If you’re ordering a long island iced tea, then prepare for a bunch of scrutiny from the person making your drink. Regardless if you think what they perceive is true about the stereotype that comes along with asking for this devilish drink, you’ve got to be somewhat aware.

“If you order a Long Island Iced Tea, I know you are new to the bar scene and/or you are cheap and want to get sloppy drunk,” Jennifer Sun said. Ouch, being cheap doesn’t look too good on your resume.

Consider Your Age When Asking For This Drink

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If you weren’t aware that there’s a certain age group held to specific drinks, well now you know. It isn’t acceptable for people of older ages to order certain drinks without getting the label of old. That’s harsh because since when did ageism come into alcohol at the bar?

A bartender by the name of Rodrigo Grudina with eight years experience in Brazil had an interesting statement about dry martinis. “If a guy is going to a nightclub for young people and orders a dry martini, this guy is in the wrong place.”

The Secret’s Out On Mojitos

kenan mojito
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We know mojitos can be quite tasty when they’re made correctly which is why people love them so much. However, if they aren’t made with the same respect each time, you will find yourself with a mediocre drink and lose all joy. When you’re out, you should just avoid ordering the all around.

“Because they’re a pain in the [expletive] to make,” Reddit user MagicCuboid said in a story. Since they’re so hard to make, bartenders don’t put the same effort into constructing the perfect mojito with hundreds of people asking for orders all night.

The Tequila Notion

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Ordering tequila is probably as neutral as it gets. No one has anything bad to say about tequila drinkers and that’s a good thing. The only thing is you’ll be marked as someone who wants to have a great time.

“Ordering a lot of tequila often gives the impression that you’re trying to have a wild night,” bartender with two years experience Elena Alvarez says. If you’re looking to not get judged excessively, then you should stick with the tequila!

Up next, those who like the “sweet” hard liquor make sure you read carefully…

Are You A Hipster?

fireball shot
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We aren’t done with giving you information on shots, and this one is for those who enjoy the shots with sweet liquor. As we said before, the taste and quality of a shot shouldn’t be your main concern. You just want to get wasted at that point.

“Shots of Chartreuse, Jager, Goldschlager, or Fireball are abhorrently sweet and low on alcohol and tell me that you are a hipster who has no clue what you are doing,” Jennifer Sun said.

Beer With Whiskey


An interesting combination but one nonetheless, some people like to have a beer with a shot of hard liquor on the side. We suppose it takes the edge off and then lets you get into a groove. It does, however, say something about you.

“From my experience, if you order a Bud Light/ Miller Light/ Budweiser with a shot of Bourbon or Whisky, you probably work a manual labor intensive job,” Reddit user Modod_ revealed.

When They Know What Sport You Like

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When you’ve bartended for more than 15 years, you’ve probably become accustomed to what a specific group of customers like. This guy knows exactly what type of sports you’re into based on what you order, do you think he’s correct?

“Soccer fans = Moscow mules, kamikazes, anything with 3 or more ingredients, unless it’s a shot of expensive tequila,” user sneekiepee said. That sounds like a pretty good guess honestly. Then he went on and said football fans like “double whiskey 7s at 9 am, as fast as possible.” That might be the bullseye.

Cheers To The Moscato Drinkers

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While you’re out, you don’t always have to have the hard liquor, save that for those who want to get wasted. Instead, some like to enjoy their drink while having a good time without the harsh taste. For that, have yourself a beer, or more specifically, some wine.

Christine who has two years experience bartending in the New York and Washington, D.C. area says that “If they are drinking Moscato, they don’t like the taste of alcohol and just want to taste sugar.”

Sweet Drinks Might Reveal This Fact About You…

sweet drink
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Sipping on your wine is a completely different type of alcoholic beverage that one might consider as sweet. For one, it isn’t a hard drink so go ahead and have your fun with it. However, if you’re ordering a drink that isn’t a glass of wine but packs a ton of sugar, this bartender has some comments for you.

“Anything overly juicy or sugary is a sign of immaturity,” says Amy with four years experience in New York. Would you agree with that?

The Backtracker

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Have you ever seen or wanted something but then when you check the price, you change your mind? It’s okay, we’ve been there at least once so don’t be ashamed to admit it. This phenomenon tends to happen when people order cocktails more often, however.

Reddit user porgporg666 said that when customers order an expensive cocktail, “They want an expensive cocktail and when you tell [them] the price they start arguing with you that it is way too expensive and that they can make it at home for half the price.” Don’t let that be you.

Women With Experience Please Stand up

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We’re not going to lie, margaritas are awfully tasty and after a long week, they can be exactly what you needed. They aren’t something you order every time you go out, of course. Unless you’re on vacation of course, then feel free.

A bartender from Reddit shared who loves to indulge in margs quite often. “Old ladies that want to party usually start with Margaritas,” Modod_ wrote. Don’t count out older women because they love to get down too.

Oh, You Want A Lager?

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There’s a difference between a person who orders a specific beer and someone who orders a lager. You need to know what you’re doing out there or else fall victim to stereotypes these bartenders have for us.

Either way, we are all victims, but just ordering a “lager” makes you a special kind. “I’ll have a lager”: too lazy to look at the taps or you literally don’t care what you drink,” says Reddit bartender user DANIELG360.

Vodka On The Rocks

vodka on the rocks
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Drinking hard liquor straight already says a lot about the person you are. You don’t need a bartender to inform you that you have a high tolerance. Only the brave pull off something like that.

However, ordering vodka on the rocks also proves this about your drinking habits. “Vodka on the rocks: someone who has been drinking long enough to enjoy the nasty burn of watered-down vodka with no mixer,” Reddit user mukkalukka22 wrote. You’re a veteran when it comes to this getting drunk thing.

Mai Tai People

mai tai
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Who doesn’t like a good mai tai? The drink of Hawaii, these puppies are sure to sneak up on you, but you’re not going to complain at all. You had too much fun downing the alcoholic beverage. What does it say about you?

You are a party animal, Kevin Alexander and Ben Robinson said. “You own three ironic Hawaiian shirts and one non-ironic Hawaiian shirt that just says ‘Hawaii.'” Does the shoe fit mai tai drinkers out there?

Be Careful Of Bud Light Drinkers…

bud light
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Here’s an interesting stat from a Reddit bartender who used to work in the DA’s office. It might be something you can hardly believe, but it sounds like he has the statistics to back up his bizarre claims.

“As someone that formerly worked at the DA’s office, it seems like all crimes start with Bud Light,” he revealed. “Not miller, not Coors, not tequila, not whiskey, not malt liquor…..Bud Light.” Make sure your friends lay off the Bud Light folks. You don’t want anything suspect to happen.

The White Russian Roulette

white russian
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You read that correctly. No matter how amazing White Russians might be, you must order at your own risk. This is because you can never be too sure about that milk inside of the mixed drink.

“I have never worked in a bar before, so I possess fool-hearted confidence that the milk in your reach-in has not expired,” one Reddit bartender said. Next time you ask for one of these, be sure to ask how new the milk is too!