If These Terrible People Aren’t Your Neighbors, Consider Yourself Very Lucky

Most of us have had our fair share of bad neighbors. Whether it’s the couple that has loud screaming matches every night or a nosy kid who keeps trying to peek in your windows, neighbors can be a real pain. But these people take the whole “bad neighbor” thing to a completely new level. Check out these horrible neighbors and be very, very glad they don’t live next door to you.

When Creepy McCreeperson Lives Next Door


Imagine the alarm you’d feel if your seemingly normal neighbor suddenly decorated their garden with a whole bunch of naked dolls. Especially if the dolls appeared in the yard overnight and with no explanation offered.

It’s safe to say that anyone who would do this to their house has very little regard for what their neighbors think. Maybe this was just for Halloween or something, but it doesn’t exactly look like fall in the photo. So creepy.

Garden Of Thrones


So, upcycling is a really cool thing to do. That’s where you take objects that would normally be thrown away and use them for a new purpose. Wait, let’s clarify that upcycling is usually cool. We have to draw the line here, though, with this yard filled with old toilets.

This whole concept of a lawn covered in toilets is just too much to subject your neighbors to. No one wants to see that as they’re pulling into their driveway after a long day at work. Keep the toilets where they belong, please: in the bathroom.

Be Careful What You Wish For, Bob


Bob has apparently been nagging his neighbor about painting their fence. We’re not sure why the fence color is any of Bob’s business, but Bob must think he has a say over whatever his neighbors do to their homes and property.

We love the response to Bob. They painted the fence alright, just not the way he probably wanted them to. “Look Bob, I’ve painted my fence :)” is the perfect comeback for a neighbor who’s tired of being nagged.

When The Moon Hits Your Eye…

Facebook/ kapsoneskappersleiden

This is one we haven’t seen before – a person getting mooned by a shrub. Looks like maybe he’ll be building a taller fence after this incident. Wonder how long it took the gardening expert to pull this stunt off and turn a bush into an offensive sculpture?

The best part is that the neighbor looks legitimately angry AT the shrub, as if it’s the one at fault here. Don’t blame the shrub, man, he’s just the messenger.

Happy Holidays!


… as in ALL the holidays. At first glance, most people would probably assume it was Halloween, because of all the life-sized skeletons decorating the yard. But wait one minute. There are also a bunch of Fourth of July elements going on here… a wreath on the door and the skeletons’ hats and ties.

So do all these crazy decorations stay up year-round then? That’s a pretty tacky and confusing thing to do to your neighbors. Pick a holiday and stick with it, please.

When Fights Between Neighbors Get Really Bad


There’s an expression that says “fences make good neighbors.” That saying definitely does not fit the situation here. According to the photo caption, “these neighbors were fighting, so one put up a fence on the other’s driveway because it’s technically his property.”

Ouch, that’s low. Now the man’s neighbor can’t even get his car up to his house unless he drives in the yard? All over a silly fight? He needs to move out of here like yesterday.

So Many Questions


Now here’s a redneck neighbor who might be sinking your property value with his bizarre antics, but at least it looks like he could be kind of fun to hang out with every now and then. Looking at this photo left us with more than a few questions, though.

What is he doing up there? Is the ground level just not good enough for him? And he has a crutch up there with him – meaning how in the heck did he even get up onto the roof? This one is a real head-scratcher.

Dumbo, Is That You?


We’re trying to think of any reasonable explanation for this situation. How did a life-sized elephant sculpture end up on its back in the middle of this neighbor’s driveway? Maybe they’re just those kinds of people who never finish a project.

Like, maybe they decided they wanted a realistic looking elephant in the backyard but when they realized they couldn’t get it through the front door they just abandoned it there. And now the whole neighborhood has to see it every time they pass by this house.

Believe it or not, there’s another elephant coming up…

Double Buzz


You can tell by looking at this man that he thinks he has it all figured out. He’s totally beat the whole “mowing the lawn” game by hooking his lawnmower up to the back of his scooter. But there are a few problems with his genius idea.

First, this would probably take him twice as long as it would just pushing the dang mower around like a normal person. And second, now his neighbors have to hear TWO loud sounds when he decides to cut the grass: the lawnmower AND the scooter. What a selfish guy.

Snow Jerk


Shoveling snow is a grueling task and one that people dread every winter. This guy is being a responsible homeowner and braving the cold in order to get his yard clear of the white stuff. But what’s he doing there? Oh, he’s dumping it right into his next-door neighbor’s yard. Real nice.

We’re glad someone caught this snow jerk in the act. Now his neighbors know why it always seems like their house got more snow than everyone else in the area.

Drunk Or Crazy?


Someone in a discussion forum was talking about this photo and wondered whether the homeowners were drunk or crazy. We’re guessing a little bit of both. The whole scene is nuts: a gigantic pink elephant drinking a martini, surrounded by a ton of little pink plastic flamingoes.

Yep, drunk and crazy is probably the answer. Let’s hope they’re at least friendly toward their neighbors after forcing them to look at this bizarre exhibit day after day.

What A Great Idea


This person clearly wanted to add some security to their sprawling suburban home. So they did what lots of people do when they want more privacy and security: they added a gate (complete with a monogram—classy!).

They missed a really key element to the whole gate concept, though. You kind of need a wall or something else to stop people from just walking or driving around the little gate. This is ridiculous and just makes these people look like unneighborly jerks.

Only One Person Is Invited To This House


This lousy neighbor wanted to avoid visitors so badly that he built his house upside down. We don’t even see a way to get into the place. Which probably explains why he also hung a lifesized replica of Spider-Man climbing up the side of the wall.

Maybe we’re misinterpreting it, but this is the message we’re getting: “Don’t even bother trying to visit. Unless you’re Spider-Man you’re never getting in anyway.”

Stealing The Show?


This holiday arrangement leaves us wondering who the real jerk is. Is it the house that went overboard with the garish lighting that probably makes it hard to sleep at night without blackout curtains?

Or is it the people who put up only one decoration; a lighted arrow pointing to the brightly festooned house next door? We suppose the answer depends on whether the arrow is just meant to say a friendly “ditto” to the neighbor’s decorations or if it’s meant to steal from the glory of the other house. We might never know the real answer. And we guess we can live with that.

Bombs Away


These guys just might take the top prize for people who actually endanger their neighbors with their bone-headed behavior. Rather than simply carrying the unwanted sofa down the steps (presumably the same way it got up there in the first place), they decided to just toss it over the third-floor balcony railing.

We sure hope they looked around carefully before giving the couch the old heave-ho, because a falling object like that could seriously hurt or even kill someone. Bad neighbors, indeed.



What a nice welcome to this neighbor’s home: a mean-looking donkey shaped mailbox where the opening is his… rear end. It’s not quite clear whether the owner of this mailbox means it as a joke or if it’s really a warning that there’s a crotchety old grump living here.

Either way, we bet the mailman doesn’t really treasure having to stop at this house every day and opening up the donkey’s keister.

Not Cool. Not Cool At All


This unfortunate story was shared to Reddit by a user named Dreampopper, who explained the situation. “My neighbor owed me $288.66 for my vet bills after his Great Dane attacked my Golden. This is how he paid me, one day before I was going to take him to small claims court.”

We can’t even believe the nerve of this guy. It’s bad enough that the Redditor’s precious dog was hurt, but to have his neighbor pull such a jerk move in response is just too much. We hope Dreampopper and his Golden were able to move away after this incident.

After this truly mean story, read on for some neighbors who actually seem to *gasp* get along okay.

Just Some Good Old Neighborly Fun


OK, we WANT to live next door to these zany neighbors. What could be more fun than waking up to some lol-worthy pranks every now and then? In this case, the tricksters put a lifesize dinosaur (a velociraptor, to be exact) right outside their neighbor’s window in the middle of the night.

Imagine the fright this homeowner got when they first opened their blinds to welcome the daylight inside. Hopefully, it didn’t take long for them to realize that it was a fake and that Jurassic Park hadn’t come true overnight.

Coming up soon is another prank involving a window… one that isn’t quite as good-natured

Firefighters vs. Cops


Now, here’s a completely different neighbor setup. This hilarious photo was posted to Imgur with the caption, “Our fire station is next door to the Police department. Pranks ensue.” In this case the firefighters have set up a huge box trap with the words “free donuts” and an arrow pointing down.

It’s kind of hard to tell what the cop in the photo is thinking about the trick. We’d love to see the prank that the police came with in response to this one!

“You Kids Get Off My Lawn!”


We’re willing to bet that the person who made this kid-eating snowman is the neighborhood crank. You know the type. It’s usually an older man who shakes his fist as he’s yelling at passing children to “get off his lawn!”

You just have to wonder why he’s so concerned about protecting his yard. It doesn’t exactly look nice here, just a patch of dead grass and filthy brown snow. But at least the kids will stay away now that the snowman is threatening to eat them.

A Precarious Perch


Um, what? This hat-wearing guy made a hugely unfriendly move by climbing onto a neighbor’s roof and then proceeding to drop his pants and actually relieve himself into their chimney. All the while, he’s reading the paper.

If this photo isn’t from a news story that ended up with this guy in cuffs then we’re flabbergasted. Defecating into someone’s fireplace is not just rude and disgusting, it’s probably illegal too. At least we hope it is…

The Rock Is Always Watching…


How’s this for an unfriendly look? This unsocial neighbor put a cardboard cutout of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson right by their front door, presumably to frighten people out of paying a friendly visit.

Then again, The Rock is probably a pretty good theft deterrent… if this community is experiencing a bunch of crimes then you really can’t blame the person who lives here for trying to keep their stuff safe.

Always There


If this wasn’t taken on Halloween or some other appropriate holiday, then this photo is downright disturbing. Why is a fully-grown man dressed as a cat-devil (or whatever he’s supposed to be) and crouching down on the sidewalk while waving to his across the street neighbor?

We can only imagine that this is his usual behavior and that the fed-up neighbor couldn’t take any more of it. Naturally, they snapped his photo and posted it online as their response to his bizarre antics.

One, Two, Freddy’s Coming For You


The person who stays in this bedroom must have really, really done something awful to their neighbor. Putting a life-size cutout of Freddy Krueger in someone’s window, where they’re going to be startled to death next time they open the curtains, is a pretty serious act of revenge.

We just hope that when this homeowner opened the curtains they didn’t pass out or have a heart attack or something. Maybe they were even able to laugh it off. Eventually.

Which Came First?


We can’t figure out just what the heck is going on here. Were some neighbors upset by this crazy, but kind of cool, display of plastic pink flamingos and called the police because of it?

Or did the neighbors call the police for some unrelated reason and these homeowners put the army of flamingos out as a warning? Like, “you’d better watch out or my lawn ornaments are coming to get you?” Either way, we kinda like this look.

Keeping Up With The Joneses


This is one of those neighbors who just can’t stand that he doesn’t have nice stuff like the people next door. When they get a new car, he does too. New jacuzzi? You can bet he’s going to try and top that.

In this case, the guy just went into his bathroom, disconnected the bathtub, and dragged it right out into the backyard. It looks like he made himself a table out of beer cases with a board on top before getting in to revel in all his tub’s impressive glory.