If Fifty Shades Of Grey Made You Feel A Certain Way, Read These Books

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James was a controversial but undeniable hit with those who love to read and those who rarely pick up a book. A steamy and very intimate storyline written for your average joe (more like Josephina) hit the spot with a huge audience, and the book was turned into a movie, which was turned into a sequel. (A Darker Shade of Grey) Find out what other books can elevate life into something a little more tantalizing…

The Earl’s Mistress by Liz Carlyle

Any genre can hold books with the promise of exotic escapes into imagination, and this historical fiction is a good example. Taking the reader to Victorian England, the beautiful protagonist Isabella Aldridge encounters BDSM. Isabella must find work, and seeks a governess position with the Earl of Hepplewood.


But the Earl wants her to be his mistress. Isabella says no, but soon she discovers the earl’s sexy secrets as well as her own unexplored sexuality. This helps draw the reader in, perhaps initiated. The Earl is a difficult character, hyper-masculine, so when he breaks down into a more realistic person, the reader is rewarded.