Ho, Ho, Horrifying! The Most Terrifying Mall Santas And The Kids They Scared

For most people, Christmas is a time to be with families and share smiles and love with each other. For small children, it’s also about presents and Santa Claus. Not every Santa at every mall is the same though, and some are downright scary. These children didn’t want to be scarred for life, but after these ho ho horrifying encounters with Saint Nick, they’ll never look at Christmas the same way. Some might never look at it again.

The Masked Santa

Okay. This mask looks like it was made 30 years previous to the time this photo was taken. The hair is matted and unkempt. Santa’s creepy bald head is exposed by the lack of a hat… he should take it back from the baby. Stat. This little cutie doesn’t seem to mind too much though!

Maybe the rosy cheeks are what’s fooling this child into being happy. Once this youngster grows up, they’re destined to become a horror film director.