I Never Saw That In A History Book! Photos They Absolutely Could Not Show In History Class

Sensual expression has long been a mainstay in the history of this planet. Whether it was from the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Indians, or modern Americans, eroticism has been expressed throughout the centuries. People seem to be either intrigued with or appalled by images that depict eroticism.

How would we know about these raunchy images if they were not shown in history books? You have to find them elsewhere! The following images will never be displayed in any history book.

When a problem comes along, you must whip it!

This is a blast from the past, but not the past that you would expect! This may be a precursor to many of the tantalizing images that exist today. The whole submission thing is a pastime for many around the world, and some people love to be humiliated! Some people love this type of pain and gladly have bondage sessions in order to fill that void in their lives!

This couple gets cheeky

Sure, this photo of an affectionate couple may seem tame by today’s standards, but back then, it was especially raunchy. Between the woman’s cheeky bottoms and the man’s tight grip around her waist, this image was scan-dal-ous.

There’s nothing wrong with a smoke break!

Smoking never hurt anyone! But seriously, this is a very early example of erotic posing. Back during these times, smoking was considered rebellious, along with consuming liquor. You may still see an image like this, or something similar to the image below, in some way, shape, or form today.

A burlesque image of vintage proportions!

We are looking into a mirror of the past. This is a past that included prohibition, abstinence in a lot of cases, and a time before promiscuous activity was widespread among individuals. Some people could not hold it in, and this lady seems like one of those individuals who threw caution to the wind!

Another way of vacuuming the floor

All of the photos from back then could not have all been somewhat drab and bland. I believe you know what I am talking about. People in vintage photos had a serious look on their face. No smiles, just all seriousness. Well, this image differs from the norm and for a very good reason!

Is anyone down for stretching?

A good stretch can provide blood to the extremities, especially the lower extremities! This is a vintage treat from a time of the distant past. This may have been before the fitness craze! When I say before the fitness craze, I mean WAY before the fitness craze!

Sitting on top of the world

Here’s a lovely lady who is seemingly having a good time posing. This looks like a woman of confidence, and a woman of class. This seems like the type of woman who could woo you with her very presence. She has something up top, which may have been a problem to some for the time that this photo was taken. Some women might have been jealous because the hubby might have been staring at this!

This lady has a leg up on things!

I will have an order of legs and a back please! Okay, just a little humor there. I am willing to bet that this image was taken near or around the sixties. The beehive type hairdo is a complete giveaway! As time passes along, pictures became a little more raunchy but still tolerable for most people. We really have come a long way, haven’t we?

Painting in panties, vintage style

A little avant-garde from the past. This may be a little less erotic from the other images featured in this article, but it does peak the interest of some individuals. More than likely this image was supposed to be aimed at those who appreciate the arts. A little experimental art has gone a long way.

Beware animal lovers, you may not like the fur

A fur to cover up the fur! If you did not get it, then do not harp on it! This is probably a fashion model. It would seem like there were models who worked underground back then, and they probably took these types of pictures more for fun than profit definitely.

Blindfolded for fun and kicks!

The sweet influences of slave and master images! Back in the past, slave and master type images, or S&M, was considered immoral and very taboo. As with everything, thoughts and perceptions of eroticism changes over the years. This was on the edge of extreme, for a vintage photo, wearing laced up high boots and such.

Now that is a way to change a tire!

Many of us have ended up with the dreaded flat tire. Flat tires can be a pain. You may have to get a little dirty when changing a tire. Thankfully, we now have roadside assistance in this current time, but back then, you may have had to get a leg up on the situation to change a tire!

Get ready for a whipping

This may have been one of the early influences for latex and corsets for kinky fashion and pleasure. The whole masochist movement began sometime around the 1800’s, and its influences started to expand over the next 100 years. The whole masochistic uniform thing has even turned into a business.

A good time is had by all!

In many cases, no partying was allowed back then. Proof of this was the moral majority that existed back in those days and also the Prohibition Era. The generation of the ale drinkers were common back in those days and there were all kinds of bad associations that went along with the consumption of intoxicating beverages.

More rubber, more leggings, more fun!

This lady might have been trying to set a fashion statement. Rubber boots and stockings and fur and a beret. Some of these images spark other interest, especially for the males. If you do not get where I am coming from, then you must think really hard and the answer will come to you very easily!

A full-figured woman is good to find!

This may have been another paradigm shift in the world of modeling. There was a time when being full-figured was considered bad. A voluptuous woman was definitely out of the question. But as with everything, as time progresses, this look is now the norm.

Double your pleasures, even decades ago

This was taken perhaps in the fifties. This photo would have caused a big stir among people back then. Although two women are laying in bed and being as sensual as they want to be, this would have sparked a debate because the morality atmosphere of the time would have said this was related to homosexuality.

The ladies show a little more than legs

Four lovely ladies showing what is underneath. Those look like leggings more than regular panty hose that are worn, so the effect of this photo was intended to get a rise. A rise from the moral majority of the time and a different kind of rise for other people, if you know where I am coming from.

It is time to break away from the kitchen


It can get very hot in the kitchen. If you cannot take the heat, then wear a little less clothing! Hey, someone has to do the cooking, and so getting out of the kitchen is not an option. Remember those coffee pots with the little light bulb thing on the top? Some of you may not remember, but hey, those were the days before the Keurig machine and K-cups

This may seem a little strange

A little avant-garde before avant-garde caught on! The halter top is made to garner attention. I am guessing that it garnered a whole lot of attention back in those days! Actually, some of the halter top style of clothing may have gone back even further into antiquity, maybe even back to the time when the Grecian empire existed. I do not think the kitchen stuff around the waist came along just yet!

Shine the light on me!

This image may have been aimed towards servicemen. By servicemen, I mean the gentlemen who proudly served in our armed forces. Being far away from home and in perilous situations is very inhumane, but it was necessary to protect the nation. Some young men needed a little leisure time, and so images like the one below became common to look at during those tough times.

Is this how Raquel won the west?!

Here’s the lovely Raquel Welch. Raquel is a sultry icon of epic proportions. In this image she is playing the role of a cowgirl. This photo was probably taken before the period of color media. The attitudes towards images like this might have begun to change sometime during or after the second world war.

A little lingerie to spark the fire!

Lingerie is designed not only for the woman but to gain the attention of the man as well. Lingerie, like the one pictured in the image below, is specially designed to get the attention of the male. A little revealing and a little skin to pique the curiosity. The ultimate goal is that the man can get a rise!

The lady plays ride em’ cowgirl!

This is so funny! A lady riding a guy on all fours! There are some people who like to be submissive, and this is an early example of the role-playing fetishes that became popular as time went on. This horse does not need a quarter for you to ride! A lot of this type of role playing still occurs today.

See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil!


This is obviously one of those rebellious images aimed at the climate of the times. As it is said, the squeaky wheel gets the lube! Someone obviously was defiant to the cultural norms of the society during this period of time. This may have been a form of erotic revolution of sorts

She is woman, hear her roar!

I am sure this would have had negative repercussions in the days of old. A woman having a man being submissive to her every beck and call! This was the period near or a little past the age of the women’s suffrage movement. If women could not vote back then, they definitely could not have their heel on a man’s behind!

This guy is getting a little too close

A lady tries to type, and a guy gets a little touchy feely. Back then (I do not believe as much now), this was called getting fresh! Here we have this guy getting fresh with this woman, and she seems to enjoy it. He is grabbing a good portion of leg, and she seems to be fine with it!

She is all shackled up for the moment

Chains and corsets are the perfect combination of kink and elegance! There seemed to be a huge trend towards the bondage and S&M genre when it came to taboo images back then. That is really bad to be shackled up with no key! Well, as they say, different strokes for different folks!

The super hot Bettie Page!

Bettie Mae Page (April 22, 1923 – December 11, 2008) was an American model who came to prominence around the 1950s and was known for her pin-up photos. Bettie was often referred to as the “Queen of Pinups.” A paradigm of sorts occurred because of her title. It is good to be associated with something positive, especially when you are super hot!

Making out is making waves!

This would have been taboo in the past as well. Displays of affection were considered taboo in the United States back in the early twentieth century. There was a belief that one thing led to another and that one person’s view would corrupt society as a whole. These folks don’t seem to mind a bit!

There is nothing like two women in erotic positions!

This picture represents the fantasy of many men: two women in a kinky position! The moral majority would have been appalled at this type of image during this time if someone had found out about this. I am willing to bet that the people in this image had this photo taken behind closed doors. This may have been a part of some private collection.

A park bench is the perfect place for making out

As stated before, public displays of affection were a no-no back in the early twentieth century. Things were a little more family-oriented during those times and the family unit was a central theme. A guy trying to get a smooch from a woman behind a book was probably a common thing.

A leg is a woman’s best friend!

A lady who is in love with her leg! Legs have always been an object of desire in the United States, and this image illustrates this. There seems to have been a bit of a paradigm shift when it comes to desirable body parts. The big craze became the bust back in the mid and late twentieth century and now the bum-bum is making waves.

Look up and breathe it in

A leggy woman takes in some cigarette smoke. Smoking was considered bad back then because it was considered a form of rebellion. Nearly anything that was associated with smoking was considered rebellious and was pretty much unwelcome, but the smoking craze caught on years later.

It is Supergirl before she became famous

Okay, we all know this is not Supergirl, but it may be Superfreak! The fashion seems a little crude for the time, and it looks like there may have been some experiments with latex during this time as well. The costumes look much better today in my opinion.

Relax, don’t do it, okay wrong decade!

Okay, this photo is definitely not from the eighties, aka the big 80’s! This photo may be from the forties or even the fifties. Have you noticed that most of the images from this article do not include blondes? This may be from the era when blondes were becoming the item of desire in photography.

Catwoman in bondage vintage style

Here is another weird photo where there is a dominant woman and another animal-clad woman. Instead of a horse, we have the cat (maybe because the cat represents the woman in a sense, we know another word for cat). My guess is that the whole animal thing is meant to be degrading and to give the person a feeling of being belittled.

A self-spanking for instant gratification!

This woman is obviously trying to be innovative when it comes to spankings! She may give it a try, and it may or may not work, but it is the effort that counts. This is one of those times when someone else may be needed. Whippings are so much better when you have both hands free!