Hilarious Prom Photo Fails You Tried Your Best To Forget

Prom is supposed to be the first “best night of your life.” You get dressed to the nines in your best suit or most extravagant dress. Mom and dad have you pose on the lawn outside the house to take photos of memories that will last forever. Then it all goes south. You sneeze when the picture is taken or a bird buzzes past you with perfect timing. You’ve just learned your first life lesson; nothing is perfect. Still, you buried the memories in the back of your mind, hoping they’d never return to haunt you. We have some bad news, we dug up your most embarrassing prom photos. Enjoy!

Was your prom this bad?

How Many Rabbits Are Under That Hat?


She probably regretted accepting his invitation to prom as soon as he picked her up. His hat might be glorious, just not for a formal occasion. Now if he were going to a senior home to put on a magic show, he’d be dressed perfectly!

At the very least she should be happy they’re color coordinated. Maybe this was the only way he would agree to wear pink to prom. At least we all look back on it and laugh now!

The True Story Of Gnomeo And Juliet


Some romances break every barrier. At least now we know the inspiration for the movie Gnomeo and Juliet. This lady doesn’t need no man to take her to prom as long as she has figurines! They’re probably better listeners than a real boy would have been anyways.

Also, did anyone notice one of the gnomes is riding a frog? When you live on the lawn, you have to find your noble steed somewhere! With any luck, he turned into a prince at the end of the night. The gnome, of course. Not the frog…

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The Virgin Mary Is Always Watching You


You know that promise every father makes his daughter swear to on prom night? This father took things to the next level having his daughter and date pose around the Virgin Mary. No better way to remind these two of their innocence then this. She looks so… thrilled.

Her date looks like he’s trying not to laugh. It’s a pretty ridiculous prom photo. Hopefully they were able to take some real ones. This is not a good mantle photo.

They Were Stuck Like This All Night


We don’t know if you’ve ever tried to wear a leather suit, but once this young gentleman picked his pose, he was stuck with it the rest of the night. You can see this picture is the moment he realized. No smiling for him. She hasn’t quite figured it out yet.

The good news is this picture was clearly taken at prom, so there were people there to take him away before the line got too long. That’s a little lucky we guess.

Next, a man brave enough to bring his date to prom, AND his cat!

He Took The Cat To Prom, Too


This poor girl didn’t realize when he asked her to prom she was going to be the third wheel. He only has eyes for his cat, and she needs to learn to accept it and move on with her life. Then again, if that cat doesn’t do exactly what he says it might end up as another rug decoration.

There are so many questions that need to be answered about this prom photo. Most importantly, is the cat a good dancer?

Only In America!


We’ve never seen two high school students so patriotic before prom. This picture had to be taken while listening to “The Star Spangled Banner.” How else do you explain his stoic look with shoulders leaned back and eyes not looking into the camera. Because he’s looking at the flag!

This picture is only missing two things. First, there needs to be a tear in both their eyes as their love for their country overruns them. Second, there needs to be a bald eagle. Seriously, where is the bald eagle?

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They Thought Prom Was Nickelodeon’s Headquarters


This prom couple is stuck in the past. They must have grown up watching Nickelodeon and remembered all the amazing neon pinks and greens and decided there was no better look for prom. They were wrong, and they probably regret it today. If not, they probably work at the highlighter factory in whatever state it’s in.

The matching outfits were his idea too. Look how proud he’s smiling. She doesn’t look very happy. Few fake smiles have ever been less convincing.

Up, Up, And Away!


If you’re looking to stand out at prom, taking directions from her. That helicopter hair is amazing! There’s no way he losing her on the dance floor, he just has to look for the propellers. Unless she chooses to fly away. Do you think she can get enough lift?

Better question; what award did he win? Is it a music award? A fashion award? A good boyfriend award for letting his girlfriend go to prom with that hair? We’ll never know.

The Best Mullet Of All Time?


Some hairstyles rise above the rest while simultaneously hanging lower. The trick being pulled off by this hair is amazing. And the Miami Vice-style rolled up sleeves. This was 100 percent the coolest kid in his class. His date is the luckiest lady from the 1980s.

That night at prom, it was all business. Take the pictures, dance, and have a good time. At some point the real party began, but we don’t want to think about that right now.

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She Put The Pinata In Prom


She was really upset when her parents told her she couldn’t bring a pinata to prom. To get them back she did the next best thing and became the pinata. We’re not sure what her date is supposed to be. A weird zebra man, maybe?

What’s really important at the end of the day is that she’s happy. Look at that smile! This prom worked out exactly as she planned. Looking back on it now all she can do is laugh with us.

We Can’t See Anyone In The Picture


As soon as this couple took their picture, their parents lost track of them. They might have gone to prom. They might have gone hunting. No one knows! They just reappeared suddenly at the end of night when prom was over.

The needed to be invisible too. His hair and sunglasses combination is not a winner. He’s ready to go to prom in the Jersey Shore and get lost in the woods all at the same time!

The Devil Made Them Do It


This wins the award for scariest prom picture of all-time. We have a hard time believing their school let him into prom in full Satan makeup. Unless that is the devil in the flesh! He looks less intimidating in person.

Very few people get to dance with the devil and live to tell the tale to their friends. She’s one of the lucky few. Maybe she should smile. Let the world know how happy she is to be alive.

Around the bend, are you team Jacob or Edward?

She Refused To Pick A Side


What’s a girl to do when she’s in love with both Jacob and Edward? This girl decided to take both of them to prom with her. Of course, neither of them are real, so she had to improvise. Her left side chooses Jacob and her right side chooses Edward.

We prefer not to pick a side. It’s shameful enough to admit we know enough about Twilight to explain that the struggle is real when it comes to whose better for Bella.

All He Needs Is An Xbox And Mountain Dew


No one said yes when he asked them to prom so he brought his Xbox instead. What we couldn’t show you was the two liter Mountain Dew just out of frame. Trust us, though, it was there. You know what, in the history of prom, an Xbox probably isn’t the worst date in the world.

It made his parents happy too. At the end of the night they know exactly where he’s going to be. In the living room blasting away noobs on Fortnite.

When In Doubt, Cut Her Out Of Cardboard


This young lad wasn’t sure Selena Gomez got his invitation to prom. With time running and friends expecting a big celebrity sighting at the dance, he pulled his greatest trick his high school has ever seen. To this day, seniors still talk about that one guy who went to prom with Selena Gomez!

The likeness is uncanny, right? Okay, so his friends probably laughed at him for bringing a cardboard cut out of Selena Gomez to prom, but at least his tried to impress them!

That Escalated Quickly!


Every dock has a weight limit. This group of friends trying to take a nice prom picture together found out just how small that limit can be. This dock said “hello” then “goodbye” before ruining their best suits and dresses. They weren’t expecting the deposits back anyway.

Hopefully they got one good picture before the bad luck struck! It was such a perfect background. In good news, a few of them didn’t fall in so they still get to enjoy prom clean and dry.

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There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Spray Tan


Clearly these two gentlemen didn’t get the message so we’ll let them know. There is a limit to how much spray tan should be used. Changing the color of your skin to dark orange should be a sign you’ve passed that limit, and many others.

We really don’t know how their dates are okay going to prom with oompa loompas who wouldn’t stop growing. Put the can of spray tan in a safe, lock it up, and throw away they key. It’s for your own good.

The Best Suit Award Goes To…


Here’s a group of guys who decided to go to prom as a group, rather than with dates. Their only requirement was each one had to wear a ridiculous suit. From the Riddler on the left to the Packers fan on the right, these suits were not picked out by professionals.

Our favorite suit is the leopard print with matching moccasins. No one is going to say no to him on the dance floor when he stalks them down like the fierce animal he is!

They Got Dates, They’re Just Not Very Happy About It


What is so great about leopard print? Judging from the look on his date’s face absolutely nothing at all! She looks the most annoyed by her date’s suit choice. It’s definitely the loudest. The young man wearing hearts is sending a message of love to his lady!

Let’s hope these were just the suits they wore for a funny picture then changed into normal suits for prom. No? This is what they actually wore to prom? We’re going to find a place to hide from society for awhile.

And The Award For Worst Prom Date Ever Goes To…


This young woman chose the worst prom date possible when she decided to go with a trash can. Then again, we’re betting her actual date bailed on her at the last minute and now she’s letting him know what she thinks about it. The picture is clearly photoshopped. He left her, so she replaced him.

Let this be a lesson to all young men planning to break-up with their girlfriends before prom. Young women have magic powers, and they will turn you into trash cans if you ruin their night.