Gorgeous Foreign Celebs You Totally Thought Were American

These celebrities are a huge part of American pop culture today and are some of the sexiest stars out there. But, these stars aren’t American born!

Ryan Reynolds

Cool dad and super hunk Ryan Reynolds seems like the American boy next door, if next door was Canada. Reynolds was born in Vancouver, Canada and first starred on the Canada television show, Hillside. Reynolds decided to drop out of the Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Vancouver to pursue acting full time in the United States in 1991.


His first big break as an actor was in the stoner cult classic comedy Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle. Reynolds soon became a “cool guy” actor, starring in films like The Green Lantern. Today, Reynolds is known for his amazing superhero performance in Deadpool and for being a hilarious father to his children with fellow actor Blake Lively.