The Funniest Stories Straight Outta Florida

People do crazy things all over the world, but it seems like a lot of odd incidents occur in Florida. There must be something about the combination of heat and sunshine that make people act in peculiar ways. Sometimes they break the law, and sometimes they just simply exhibit such bizarre behavior that you don’t know what they were thinking. Check out some incredible true tales from Florida that involve everything over-exuberant drag queens to gaseous Dollar store customers. And it’s not just “Florida Man” having all the fun here, the ladies of the Sunshine State get involved too!

She Pulled An Alligator Out Of Her Yoga Pants During A Traffic Stop

woman pulled gator from her yoga pants

In May 2019, a sheriff’s deputy in Charlotte County, Florida, stopped a man driving a motor vehicle for running a stop sign. Driver Michael Clemons, 22, told the deputy he and his passenger Ariel Machan-Le Quire, 25, were hunting for frogs and snakes under an overpass. Clemons allowed the deputy to search the truck.

The deputy discovered 41 three-stripe turtles in the woman’s backpack. He asked if there were any other animals hiding in the truck, and she removed a one-foot alligator from her yoga pants. The investigation was then handed over to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.