From Happily Ever After To Never After: The Shortest Celebrity Relationships Ever

Just when you think that you have met your soul mate and finally settled down, as they say, things start to go downhill. Some people start off as friends, and then friendship turns into a relationship. A relationship could turn into a marriage. The marriage is the apex of the relationship and then two people start to really find out about each other and the fun part ends. This is what happened to these celebrities. They believed that they found their soul mate, and then the relationship ended. Some of them ended in weeks, and some in just a day! The following celebs have the shortest relationships ever. Enjoy your love while it lasts…

Fred Armisen and Elisabeth Moss

People who work in the same industry seem to gravitate towards each other. This usually occurs in Hollywood. Two lovebirds end up getting together and everything seems to go great, especially when they are in the same or similar field. They have the career that they want, and now they have the mate that you desire.


Such was the case with Fred Armisen and Elisabeth Moss. They were two thespians who seemed to have it together, except in their relationship. Their marriage lasted only eight months. Elisabeth has gone on record as saying, about the marriage, “It was extremely traumatic and awful and horrible.” Fred admitted to shock jock Howard Stern in an interview about his marriage to Elisabeth, saying “I think I was a terrible husband.”